Album of The Week: Songs In The Key Of Love (Part 1 & Part 2) by Dorian

To all artists out there who are trying to experiment with their sound, are looking for the only genre for them, or trying to combine all of them in one – Dorian is here to teach you how to do it. Listen to his music, and take notes, because Dorian’s latest work is a mix out of this universe. 

Songs In The Key Of Love (Part 1 & Part 2) is an impressive collection of 14 tracks that represent a bold sonic approach of blending, mixing, remaking, cutting, adding, and sparking all over as many genres as possible. Dorian’s music is a house for everything that he finds inspiring and worthy of his artistry. 

Both parts of his project pay tribute to love, and his experiences. Dorian shares his intimate fantasies and bravely tells the most personal stories. Part 1 of Songs In The Key Of Love can be described as more R&B inspired as on numbers like ‘Real Love,’ and ‘Right Here,’ Dorian channels smooth and bouncy rhythms. On Part 2 , he swifts more into pop, and synth sounds, channeling even ‘80 vibe on ‘Forever Kinda Love.’ 

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