3 Reasons You Should Use a Specialist Medical Marketing Agency in Sydney

Medical Marketing is a highly-specialised field of marketing. It requires an advanced understanding of not only the Australian healthcare system at a state-by-state level, but also Medicare at a national level.  Then don’t forget, medical marketing requires a more-than-modest understanding of the vocation of medicine and surgery itself!

Generic marketing firms simply do not get it.  They have no practical experience in the healthcare or medical sector beyond at best a superficial understanding.  A comprehensive understanding of the Australian healthcare system takes years to develop given its complicated, integrated nature and referral pathways, and then factor in the significant learning curve of knowing the various aspects of medicine and surgery!

If you are based in Australia and are looking for help with medical marketing, then here are three reasons why you should always chose a specialist medical marketing agency in Sydney.

  1. The Australian healthcare system and associated private health insurance market dynamics are complicated

Medical marketing requires an advanced understanding of how the public and private healthcare systems work, independently of each other.  It is a complete waste of time and money performing medical marketing in an area dominated by public patients as such patients are unlikely to ever be able to afford a private-practice specialist. Knowing where and how to target is something a digital medical marketing Sydney will understand.

By focusing on neighbourhoods with high private health insurance rates and within a reasonable distance is key to securing work.

  • Acute vs. elective surgery

Understanding the difference, clinically, of what constitutes an acute presentation who will probably just go to the emergency department, compared with elective surgery where patients routinely look for specialists online, will save you a fortune.

It is quite common to perform a Google search for a non-elective procedure (eg: “facture clinic near me”) and see a few poor suckers (usually doctors) advertising for work they have no hope of ever capturing.  This is the perfect example of when a doctor has engaged a generic, non-medical marketing agency to do their marketing work – often completely oblivious just how much money and opportunity they are wasting paying for clicks they cannot treat or may not even be open to treat.

  • Supply and demand of competition.

While some locations might be known as ‘affluent’ and enjoy high rates of private health insurance coverage, often these locations are saturated with specialists.  It is critical to understand what specialists are working in a given area and what areas of medicine or surgery they specialise in.

For example, there might be a lot of orthopaedic surgeon in Sydney but the majority might be lower-limb specialists and you might be a shoulder specialist.  Accordingly, a precise understanding and evaluation of the competition is critical when devising a digital marketing campaign for a specialist in a given location so as to take advantage of any opportune supply and demand differentials.

The medical profession is also a collegiate industry that requires a professional style of communications when marketing.  It is also a heavily regulated sector and remaining AHPRA-complaint is something a specialist medical marketing agency will fully understand.  These two additional factors combined make engaging a medical marketing agency a no brainer when your reputation is on the line.


Ashley Blacker is the Managing Director of Medsolve Medical Marketing – a specialist digital medical marketing agency based in Sydney, Australia.  He has worked in the Australian general practice, public and private hospital and medical research sectors for over 12 in business development and marketing roles.  He holds an MBA from the University of Technology Sydney, a Bachelor of Communication Studies and a Diploma of Marketing Communications from the Western Sydney University. You can check out Medsolve here.

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