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Travel Refund – Four Tips When Your Dream Vacation is Cancelled

Your dream vacation that you have planned for 10 years just got canceled. Now, in addition to the cancelled vacation blues, you are trying to figure out how to recoup the money you have spent on airline tickets. Are you entitled to a cancelled flight refund? Is it better to put the value of the flight toward a future trip? Here are four tips that can help you when your dream vacation is cancelled.

1. Call Your Airline and Try to Get Booked on Another Flight

It may be possible to salvage some of your vacation if you act quickly. Call your airline using their customer service number and try to re-book. If your flight was cancelled because there was a problem with the airplane equipment, you may be entitled to a hotel voucher. However, if the flight was cancelled because of weather or something outside of the airline’s control, you may qualify for a cancelled flight refund.

2. Ask for an Amenities Kit

If your flight is cancelled and your luggage is checked, you may be stuck overnight in the airport without your toiletries. The airline will likely reroute your baggage to your destination. It could arrive when you do or could arrive after you do, in which case the airline will likely bring your luggage to your hotel at no cost. However, if you are stranded overnight at an airport without your luggage, ask for an amenities kit. This will give you the essentials, like lip balm, earplugs, toothpaste, lotion, soap, etc.

3. Stay Calm and Be Polite

Flight cancellations are a nightmare, especially if you are already at the airport. But, remember, flight attendants, gate attendants, and everyone else working inside the airport has no control over flight cancellations. Don’t take it out on them. Stay calm, stay friendly, and find the right person, such as a ticketing agent or a customer service agent, to talk to about a possible cancelled flight refund or a new booking.

4. Accept Credit

As a result of the spread of COVID-19, the travel industry has been pummeled. Instead of getting a cancelled flight refund, you may want to consider taking a credit for future travel. These businesses are suffering. For them, the best option is to get you to reschedule. It also allows you to show support to struggling airlines. As frustrating as they can be, most people do not want to imagine a world where airline travel is a thing of the past.

There is a difference between a cancelled flight and a delayed flight. Both may entitle you to compensation. However, the rules surrounding each are different. A delayed flight is where your flight takes off later than previously scheduled. A cancelled flight is where your flight is removed from the airline’s schedule. Cancelled flights can be frustrating. Remember, in most cases, an airline is only going to cancel your flight if it’s in your best interests, either because of safety concerns, mechanical issues, or weather concerns. Thankfully, according to Travel Refund, “the ability to file a flight claim under EU 261 is meant to hold airlines accountable and provide compensation for passengers’ inconvenience.”

The airline industry is going through several difficulties as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Travel may take some time before it becomes stable again. If your vacation is canceled, be patient, look for the right person to talk to, and be flexible.

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