Surrogacy in Ukraine: programs for foreigners

Married couples with birth problems meet information about Ukraine as one of the key points on the reproductive tourism map in the search for a reproductive clinic. Often the information is contradictory and does not give a complete picture of the possibilities. In this article we will discuss the conditions of cooperation of reproductive clinics with foreign couples

Before deciding to visit Ukraine, foreign citizens are interested in the quality of reproductive medicine, the procedure for implementing medical programs, the cost of a surrogate mother and where to find her, issues of residence and problems related to the language barrier. Well, first things first.

Reproductive medicine in Ukraine is on par with that in the United States. In particular, the Feskov Human Reproduction Group has held US patent US 61/629,651 «Method of stabilized reproduction for treatment of reduced fertility women with irregularity of immune reaction. Artificial implantation window.» since 2013. and in 2017 specialists of the center implemented a program of mitochondrial transfer. At the same time, the professor Feskov’s Center of Human Reproduction offers guaranteed programs for foreign citizens and Ukrainians on the same terms: future parents choose a package of services at a fixed cost and wait for the birth of their healthy child. In case of failed IVF or a surrogate mother’s pregnancy termination, the whole cycle of procedures is repeated unlimited number of times until reaching 12-week pregnancy or delivery of a healthy child (depending on the chosen package of services).

The surrogate mother cost at Feskov HRG is included in the cost of the entire program, regardless of whether the woman was provided by a clinic or she was chosen from a relatives or close friends of future parents.

For participation in the program future parents (both parents and the candidate for the role of a surrogate mother) need to visit branch of our center in Kharkiv or Kiev for signing the contract, passing the medical examinations, preparation for the IVF procedure. During their stay in Ukraine, the participants of the program live in a hotel or apartments of “Comfort” and “VIP” class with three meals per day included. For employed people who are not ready to leave the country of residence, there is a remote program which is realized using a service of transportation the cryopreserved sex cells and hiring a surrogate mother from the Center’s extensive database.

The problem of language barrier will not affect the clients of Feskov HRG: the clinic employs multilingual staff. Get more information about our programs in the language you want from the manager on the website to dispel any doubts

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