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Traveling is an amazing thing in itself because we get a chance to explore more things and we get a chance to visit various places in a short or a long period of traveling. While the traveling time we need some refreshments so you think of drinking a cup of tea especially when you are in the location where there are mountain surrounded around you or you are in a hilly area which is surrounded with snow there you wish to have a perfect cup of tea. So there are some tips to keep in mind to get a perfect cup of tea while traveling or for starting a great day of your life in a known place or unknown place.

Carry your own tea for better experience.

Carrying your own tea with you should be not messy. For that, you just need an airtight container in which the loose tea can remain fresh for a longer time. Along with a spoon by which you can measure amount of tea to get the as per your requirement. And most important thing keep that bag or the container in a place where there is less heat otherwise it will get spoiled. Maintain the temperature of the lose tea leaf container or the bag at a mild temperature so that the lose tea doesn’t get or spoiled. Carry a portable handy bag which will be easy for you to take at anywhere you wanted to take it. So there is a question that which tea is better during traveling or during the journey?

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Pay attention to the quality of water you get.

Water is an important element to prepare any type of tea. Avoid the mineral water of any place but if you are living in a place where you are getting fresh water then there is no dough because the quality of water does effect the test to tea you are preparing but most of the time carry your own water or the portable electric kettle. Then there is no chance to get a bad taste.  So most of the time prefer your own kettle but the place you are going is good then you can rely on them for water supply. If you are trekking near hamama falls then you can use that fresh water.

Tea suitable during your journey or in the root you are traveling are:

1)   Green Tea

2)   Mint Tea

3)   Chamomile Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is good for providing a nice and fresh kick start it removes the tiredness in the morning it makes your mind alert. It is a healthy way to begin with the day because green tea contains caffeine gives energy in morning.

There are many benefits of drinking green in morning and they are:

·       Green tea helps to maintain the health of our body which helps to keep diseases away by increasing immunity.

·       It also helps to regulate and improve the blood flow in our body.

·       Green tea is rich in various antioxidants (polyphenols) which help to slow down ageing, fight skin diseases and much more.

·       Green tea is widely known for its antibacterial properties, it kills the bacteria present in our mouth, hence improving our oral health.

It doesn’t mean that green tea is the only tea, there also are other teas which are also beneficial.

Mint Tea

Mint tea is a very beneficial tea. It is known to be very good for digestion. It is also considered great when it comes to dealing with bad breath. The natural properties of mint tea curb the bad smell in our mouth.

Mint tea is important because during the journey we tend to eat different types food items because we all have the tendency to try out new food items it is not a bad thing we should try new things and it is not necessary that all outside food are not but some might be unhealthy which creates problem as time passes. So keeping Mint tea with you while traveling is also important while traveling or for visiting new pleases this will help you to maintain our health and we can feel free to explore or to taste new things.

Chamomile Tea.

After an exhausting and tiring day when we need to calm down and relax. Chamomile Tea is the tea which perfectly fits in this condition. While traveling in between we take break to relax or brain and body. Chamomile tea has powerful properties which helps us to calm down our brain and relax our nerves. If we take Chamomile tea before sleeping, it really helps to sleep peacefully and it improves the quality of sleep which we get.

There are some additional benefits of Chamomile tea while traveling:

Chamomile tea is great in dealing with any kind of inflammation be it internal or external.

Chamomile tea is quite capable of relieving headaches and migraines which people usually get while on the go.       

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