How residential solar is saving Florida Homeowners thousands!

Heating and water heating consume around 90 percent of the electricity that is used in a household each year. Consumers are therefore increasingly trying to save costs by using alternative energy sources. Solar energy has proven to be particularly effective. Therefore, more and more consumers are using the power of the sun’s rays. Despite lower government support measures, many citizens are still considering buying a solar system.

The frequently used term “solar system” actually stands for two different energy systems: solar thermal or photovoltaic. While the solar thermal system gains heat from the solar energy to supply the house with hot water, the photovoltaic system produces electricity.

Photovoltaics: In order for electricity to be produced, the sun’s rays must hit a cell in a solar module (panels). There is an electrical with an inverter, it can be converted into the usual alternating current and either used by the customer or fed into the public power grid.

Solar thermal: In a thermal solar system, the solar collector transfers the captured solar energy to a carrier medium (water) and heats it using solar absorbers. The water can be used or stored directly. In order to avoid heat loss, the absorber must be well insulated. Depending on the type of insulation, a distinction is made primarily between the inexpensive flat plate collectors and the expensive – but very efficient – vacuum tube collectors. Even in rental homes, people have been providing such facilities, and there could be many other facilities providing homes you can have to get for yourself and your family. Rent room type of portals could help you in this regard, and get you the best deal in your budget and at the best place where you want.

Photovoltaics “catch” solar energy

Sun provides energy all year round, you just have to use it properly. And this is best done using photovoltaics. The principle of photovoltaics works in such a way that sun rays are “picked up” by solar cells and then converted into electricity. The installation of the collectors on the roof is also easier than many think.

The costs for this are also manageable. If you assume an average useful life of 20 to 25 years, then the purchase and effort are definitely worthwhile. Especially since many municipalities and municipalities subsidize the installation of solar systems.

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The good news: In the summer, all household electricity needs are covered. Depending on the area, electric vehicles can also be supplied with electricity from the roof. Electricity supply is more difficult in winter. The modules generate energy even when it is cloudy, but unfortunately not always sufficient. A combination with a combined heat and power plant (CHP) is therefore recommended. The plant uses diesel, natural gas, and biogas to generate electricity and hot water. To remain independent of the grid, consider purchasing a tank to store when using diesel. 

In order to function optimally, the solar system needs direct sunlight, which strikes a large area. The most common variant is the installation on the roof. There the modules are mounted on the roof surface. Ideally on a roof with a 30 ° slope and an orientation that does not deviate more than 45 ° to the south. The installation of the two systems is not significantly different here. Depending on the type of system, water or electricity is piped to water storage or power converter.

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