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Covid-19 Tips and Precautions: How to Stay Safe in Co-Living PGs in Bangalore?

Bangalore is home to many educational institutions and corporates and a large chunk of people migrate here every year. Due to the pandemic, many of them couldn’t go back to their hometowns or chose to stay back due to necessity. With most situated in varying kinds of rental accommodation – from flats to even best PG in Bangalore, it becomes critical on the part of landlords and residents alike to take appropriate safety and hygiene measures. With the lockdown entering its most liberal phase, it is advisable to adhere to all the guidelines issued by the health ministry in order to stay healthy. Practice deep personal hygiene and social distancing, wear masks and gloves to reduce chances or transmission, and make sure your PG accommodation follows regular sanitization processes. At the same time, with the virus primarily hitting the immune system, it is equally important to pay attention towards strengthening your immunity.

Let’s look at some of the points that you can follow to stay healthy in your PG in Bangalore:

Eat Mindfully

The food you eat plays a key perspective in deciding your general wellbeing and immunity. Eat low carb food, as this will help to control high sugar and weight. A low carb diet will help hinder diabetes and pay attention to a protein-rich eating routine to keep yourself fit. Consistently consume vegetables and natural products wealthy in Beta carotene, Ascorbic acid, and other basic nutrients. Certain foods like mushrooms, tomato, and green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, ginger, gooseberries (amla), and turmeric are likewise important to build immunity in the body. There are a few spices that help in boosting immunity like garlic, Basel leaves, and Black cumin. Certain seeds and nuts like sunflower seeds, Flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, and melon seeds are magnificent wellsprings of protein and Vitamin E. It is essential to build on immunity to fight against any type of illness. These days, certain managed accommodation companies like Stanza Living are investing in building a healthy food menu and service – nutritious, well-planned, healthy meals that are yummy too.

Get a Sound Sleep

There’s nothing more beneficial like a good sleep of 7-8 hours. It is the most ideal approach to enable your body to build immunity – lesser rest will leave you tired, weaken your mind and even hinder the functioning of other body parts. The absence of rest antagonistically influences the body functions making it more susceptible to catching disease.

Remain Hydrated

Drink up to 8-10 glasses of water each day, to remain hydrated. Hydration will help flush out the toxins from the body and lower the odds of getting infected with the disease. You can also incorporate juices, citrus foods, coconut water for additional hydration. Always ensure that you drink clean, potable water and have water purifiers in your PG.

Exercise Regularly

A decent eating routine ought to be followed by a good exercise schedule. Make sure to exercise normally; even light exercise will go far in discharging the toxins from your body. It is prescribed to exercise for 30 to 45 minutes, depending upon your stamina. There are a few Youtube channels and applications to assist you with practicing at home. Regular exercise improves digestion, which has a connection with immunity.

Also, it is vital to maintain the optimum levels of sanitation and other precautionary measures must be taken by PG owners, in order to ensure the wellbeing of all inhabitants. Such measures are taken care of well by Stanza Living where they are employing regular temperature checks, regular disinfection, and are ensuring best-in-class hygiene and sanitization levels are maintained.

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