Tune into Dan Duminy’s Hip Hop Vision

A 19-year-old talent with a decade-long go-kart racing and YouTube career is ready to rule the world with his music. Dan Duminy is not the average teenager. He has nailed numerous social media paid partnerships and collaborated with singers/songwriters like Nasty C,‌ ‌Rowlene,‌ ‌and Tellaman on shooting and editing their vlogs. He soon realized that he wants to create his tunes and lyrics, and in March 2019, he put his first single titled “Vision” out there, with people excited to use it on TikTok. He is now in the process of putting together an EP by 2020 and a 12-song album in 2021, marking his official debut in the industry. This is undoubtedly a hard-to-ignore newcomer.

Dan is determined to create music in his way. He has been fascinated with sounds and musical instruments such as the drums and the guitar since ever. Starting from the first grade at school, where he played Justin Bieber at a performance, rocking at that time a similar hairstyle, he continues to be passionate about this form of expression. Through his collaborations, he picked industry insider advice by Nasty C. Old-school rap, especially the magical blend of poetry and music by 2Pac is a favorite. He also loves the work of KOTA, his friend, and Roddy Ricch.

He had to wait for a decade until he got out of his comfort zone to pursue music as his main professional path. Frustrated by the unexpected cancelation of the Audi Sport TT Cup affecting the international racing career he was preparing for, Dan became aware of God’s presence and guidance. It was for him the perfect time to step away from go-karts and indulge in music. He was brave enough to relocate from Durban to LA, to mingle with and work for American artists, initially behind the cameras. His Instagram followers rose within a few months in 2019 from 33K to 200K, which encouraged him to become an artist himself.

To raise himself above standards and expectations, Dan invests in each song as much time as needed. It might be a day or more, yet the result has to feel unique and exciting. People are demanding, and once you put your first song out there, you must keep the hype and try to produce another hit. He is up for the challenge, proving that he is willing to break many records in the future. His highly skilled team is definitely showing him the way.

A South African cultural background and accent place him in a unique position within the American music industry. He really doesn’t sound like other artists, and this is so cool. Nasty C, KOTA the friend, Lil Mosey, The Kid Laroi, and Lil Tecca are among the artists he would love to team up on a project. His ultimate dream is a sold-out world tour, where he’ll have the chance to meet his highly supportive fans.

He is passionate about creating songs that stand the test of time, referring to issues that people can relate to. It’s all about putting all his heart into the process. Those who, like him, are just entering the music arena can follow his example of a balanced attitude, persistence in the goals, and faith in their talent. Keep watching this amazing young artist. A ground-breaking team-up with Sony producer Niyi “Synematik,” will soon make headlines.

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