Tips for taking care of drains

Your house is not a luxury unless it has some best ventilation systems, accompanied by an excellent drain system. However, many people still take these two things for granted. Buying or building a house may be easy, but maintaining a home is a more difficult task.

Drains are a crucial part of a building, and neglecting their performance can cost you a lot. The worst part about clogged drain is the unbearable odor. So, being a responsible resident you are supposed to keep in contact with the best plumbing service providers, just like plumber Sydney.

Here are a few tips that can help you in preventing any inconvenience regarding your draining system.

Do not throw everything in the drains

You cannot put every other solid waste in your drains or face the music in terms of money and time. Your kids will not understand it, and it is highly likely that they will try to experiment various things with drains. Tell your family members that everybody is responsible for their bathroom maintenance, and in case of any issue, he will be accountable. This way, you can manage quite easily.

The hot water

Although you care about the drain maintenance, some liquid residuals can still accumulate and block the pipes. For tackling such confusing situations, you can always rely on hot boiling water. Boil a bucket of water, and slowly pour it down the suspected blocked drain. Another option is to practice this DIY regularly, say after every few weeks.

Do not let the grease go down.

If you have cooked something oily today, then do not even think of pouring the residue down the drain. Although your kitchen drain is far broader than the rest of your house, they still relate to the main pipe.

If you continue pouring down the greasy liquids, then eventually, the main drain of your house will accumulate chunks of solid fatty masses, commonly called as fatbergs. I know separating oil and grease from your dishes is not an easy task; the ultimate trick is to soak all your dishes in dishwashing liquid while the drain is closed. This will make the grease week, and ultimately the risk of fatbergs will decrease.

Use the drain covers/ drain guards.

Your drain covers are your ultimate saviors, especially for your kid’s bathroom. Using a plastic cover would be best, because all other metallic, even steel covers will eventually wither due to rust accumulation.

The drain snakes

Keep a drain cleaning snake at your house; it will help you clean the tiny solid particles, or hair that usually gets stuck deep down the pipes. They are affordable and easy to use, and most importantly, useful for cleaning clogged drains.

Replace the old pipes

If you are concerned about the drains at your place, then the best thing you can do is get rid of the old pipes. Each type of pipe has got a specific life span; after that, even plumbing services will not work. Make sure that you know when to replace the old pipes.

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