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Stefy De Cicco Join Kriss Raize On “Blue” Remake

It’s been some time since the 90s hit “Blue” from Eiffel 65 hit and sent waves through the club scene. Bringing it firmly into 2020 is the trio Stefy De Cicco, who along with French DJ/producer Kriss Raize bring us “Blue” (Da Ba Dee).

Stefy De Cicco were on hand to share “Te Boté,” a collaboration with Alok not long ago, and Kriss Raize continues to develop his hybrid sound that traverses dance, Latino and pop.

They reveal: “It’s such a big honor to get to work on this record, a big dance music classic. We added our sounds to this great melody and are super happy with the result… very excited to see the if people will like it as much as we do!” Raize goes on to add:I have known the Stefy De Cicco team for a long time, so I’m extremely happy that I had the opportunity to work with them on this new single.

This one goes off with bundles of energy and aplomb – check it!

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