How to take care of yourself with spa?

It is simply the best thing you can do in bad weather: a bit of yoga, hot bathing, a few treatments, totally relaxed, and enjoying wellness. Just stupid that a stay in a spa is not cheap and that you have to get out of the house to get there.

But it doesn’t always have to be an expensive spa to spend a wonderfully relaxing beauty day. You can also relax in your own four walls on rainy afternoons. You can also visit beauty fix medspa today for relaxation. With these tips, the beauty day will be your new favorite day.

A beauty day should not only serve beauty but also bring deep relaxation. It is particularly good to relax in a tidy and freshly cleaned apartment. Therefore, you should have everything nicely prepared the day before. Scented candles with calming essences such as lavender or vanilla spread a pleasant feel-good atmosphere in the apartment.

Similar to the spa, you can place the towels rolled up nicely on the bathroom shelf and place tea lights in small lanterns on the edge of the bathtub. Last but not least: put together a playlist of relaxation music! So well prepared, you can do exactly what is planned on the home spa day: just relax.

What is part of a beauty day?

In addition to hair and skincare, a perfect beauty day also includes manicures and pedicures as well as moments of relaxation for the mind. Whether yoga, meditation, autogenic training, or progressive muscle relaxation – relaxation exercises reduce stress and have a positive effect on well-being.

Discover the right care for your skin type

If you don’t have a fluffy bathrobe yet, you can add it to the shopping list. The textile feel-good part is always a good investment, because what could be cozier than triggering through the apartment with coffee or tea in a bathrobe and having a relaxed start to the day?

Ideas for your pampering program

Start the day with a light and healthy breakfast. A delicious fruit salad with crunchy walnuts and almonds or a delicious Bircher muesli provide your body with important nutrients.

Good food is also wellness

At lunchtime, a delicious vegan soup warms you up from the inside and fills you up without leaving you feeling bloated or heavy.

How about a delicious carrot and ginger coconut soup, for example? Light, digestible, and, thanks to beta-carotene, also a real beauty food. You should also drink plenty of tea or water throughout the day.

If you prefer to spend the beauty program in a good company, you can turn the spa day into a beauty event. Who better to do that with than best friends? This way, care tips and of course the latest Gossip can be exchanged!

A sweet idea for your beauty party, invite your friends via postcard. A nicely designed invitation card, for example as a voucher for a wellness day in a private luxury spa, makes you look forward to the meeting.

Whether alone or with your best friends – after a beauty day you not only shine with beauty but also feel much more relaxed.

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