Rebecca Ruber: An Up-And-Coming Actress Using her Social Media to Promote a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

Rebecca Ruber is a 24-year-old actress, blogger, boxer, and model from New Jersey. Her name may sound familiar to you because since graduating from Rampo College of New Jersey with a BS in Business Administration she has done TV shows and podcasts with great success. All that while using her social media platform with over 62.2K Instagram followers to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Ruber has been featured in several Film and TV productions including Abnormal Attraction, Limitless, and Billions. Aside from those productions, she started producing her own podcast Just Ghouly Things with Lilly Baldassare. In it, they discuss everything paranormal from ghosts and UFO’s to Big Foot. They posted episodes daily during quarantine to keep their audience happy and captivated.

The Business Administration major in her knew it would be a great opportunity to utilize her experience, her expertise, and her platform to start her own business. Together with Michael Sebahie, they founded Bespoke Society, a streetwear brand designed to be worn by anyone no matter their specific style. You can find them on Instagram and order one of their quality and stylish products through direct message. With very appealing and attractive photoshoots, they promote their unisex T-Shirts, dad hats, beanies, and hoodies which can be worn by men, women, and non-binary people.

Rebecca Ruber is a talented actress, an entertaining podcast host, and a smart businesswoman, but the characteristic that shines the most is her passion for inspiring others to lead a healthy and happy life. Her Instagram profile is the best example of this. Every post she makes is aimed towards motivating people to lead healthy lives both in the physical and mental aspect. You will find incredible workout routines, particularly boxing exercises, to follow from home. Her main goal is to show people you can learn from your failures and use them to succeed: “While I love success, I also love the failures. In the entertainment industry, I have experienced more failures than successes, but is those little successes that make it all worthwhile. While I have sometimes questioned myself and why I continue to pursue my career in the industry, there is something that keeps me going. Something in me tells me to pursue my dreams, and that everything I want will manifest at some point.”

Her desire for everyone to lead happy lives has expanded to her support of different charities. She has been helping the Alex Sebahie Never Back Down Foundation which raises money to help wrestlers that need financial support to get wrestling equipment, sign up for wrestling teams, and attend camps. They also offer scholarships at the end of each school year. But her support for this kind of lifestyle is not limited to people only, she is deeply passionate about animals finding their happy homes and leading healthy lives. That is why she continuously volunteers at local animal shelters and is an advocate for adoption. She believes in giving these animals the second chance they deserve at an amazing life.

Rebecca Ruber is a passionate, talented, and smart young woman. She has used her talent, her failures, and her craving for success to guide her through what has begun to look like a successful career both in the entertaining and in the fashion business. If I were you, I would keep an eye out to see what she comes up with next and what new projects she will be a part of.

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