How to choose the right bag for every occasion

In all likelihood, you grew up with a school bag with superhero pencil cases, a lunch box, and exercise books. But the bag was more than just a satchel – it was the place to keep everything, from testimonials to love letters.

Nowadays, a bag has to carry a lot more than just a few pens. We have put together a list of bags that we think every man should know. Each of them is exclusively available from us, so we guarantee the right amount of space for the needs of life as well as a few love letters. You can also visit Final Bags for getting all the varieties of bag.

The Backpack

Raise your hand if the first bag you ever owned was a backpack! Did you also have a lunch box with rye bread and liver sausage in it? Maybe we strange Danes just eat it.

Today’s backpacks have a lot in common with your children’s backpack at the time. It is still as versatile and functional as before, but thanks to finer details and high-quality materials, you can no longer only find it in playgrounds, but also in the office.

The clutch

You hold this handleless its bag in your hand or clamp it under your arm. The name comes from the English and means something like “hold on” or “clasp” – so quite appropriate. A clutch is available in different designs. Wallet -like it goes well with jeans and a T-shirt. In an elegant leather look and decorated with small stones, it is the perfect bag for an evening dress.

The crossbody bag

Crossbody bags are the ones we usually call shoulder bags. They have a long strap, which is why you hang them across your body or loosely around your shoulders. The styles and sizes are completely different. The medium to large crossbody handbags is very popular at parties or for coffee with your best friends. Smaller editions usually have a removable handle, which can be turned into a clutch.

The Handle Bag

Handle bags are real all-round talents. They are part of the basic equipment, are often elegantly designed, and are mostly used for the office. The women usually carry them in the crook of their arms or in their hands, but practical bag lovers also like to hang the bag around their shoulders to have their hands free.

The right bag for every occasion

Accessories can give any outfit the perfect finish, but it can also ruin it. That is why many women ask themselves before important occasions: Which bag fits my outfit?

You don’t actually need that many handbags. In addition to a shoulder bag, the basic equipment also includes a shopper and a clutch. So you are well equipped for most occasions. The rule of thumb applies the later it is, the smaller the bag. This means that you usually need a larger bag during the day, with plenty of space for all the important utensils. A small clutch is ideal for going out in the evening since you only have the bare essentials with you.

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