How to Choose Music for Car Trip?

When you go out of the city with your family or just traveling by driving, there is a risk of you falling asleep. The music perfectly helps to stay alert and energetic during a trip. But what kind of music will better help to stay awake – fast rock’n’roll tracks, fiery Spanish music, or mysterious oriental motifs?

Neuroscientists have conducted research and confirmed: calm rhythmic melodies will have a better effect on the listener than, for example, fast and heavy (rock).

The selected music must have its own pace and the presence of simple words. Such songs cause a desire to sing along, and the driver is on the same wavelength with a song. Therefore, even lyrical compositions will not be sad and melancholy, but they can help not to fall asleep while driving.

If the rhythm of a song is too fast, it is not good. Such songs excite the nervous system and also affect the coordination of human movements.

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What Music Is Ideal for Traveling While Driving?

In fact, everything is individual. There is no «right» or «wrong» music. The emotions are also important besides the recommended rhythmic songs. You should like the song and associate it with something positive. And it doesn’t matter if it’s old or new. Your brain feels comfortable and remains awake. Besides, listening to such songs will bring you positive emotions and memories.

So, you need to determine two criteria to select the «ideal» songs on the road: rhythm and pace. It is better to listen to simple rhythms that help the driver concentrate on music and driving. Choose a slow pace comfortable for you. Combining the specified rhythm and pace, you can stay focused for a long time behind the wheel and also get a whole gamut of positive emotions.

Loud and Familiar Songs

Interestingly, the volume and aggressiveness of music also directly affect human behavior. The amount of drunken alcohol at parties with loud music was significantly greater than in the case of more quiet music. Calm music doesn’t stimulate the driver to press on the accelerator; on the contrary, it will help to drive at a measured pace.

If you choose familiar rhythmic songs at a quiet pace, it will be great. Add such music to your playlist.

When Should Music Be Turned Off?

Is it worth listening to music constantly while driving? No. There are situations when even the right music can distract you from driving. For example, when you are in an unknown place looking for a concrete address, you should be more attentive. So, it is better to turn off the music. Otherwise, there may be too many cars on the road, and you need maximum attention to drive through a difficult intersection. Sometimes, weather conditions require a lot of concentration. To avoid distractions, turn down the volume or temporarily turn off the music.

It’s better to use a playlist while driving along the routes you know. Such a pleasant background will reduce the duration of the trip by feelings and make it more enjoyable.

Use pleasant rhythmic music on the road, change the order of listening to tracks, stay in good shape, and have fun! Have a nice trip!

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