An exclusive interview with Amit Seyani

The successful CEO Amit Seyani of the dating app Snatchable, has given us the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with him. We get to know his personal side as well as his side of the business. Snatachable is a dating app that offers video calling, selfie verifications and more. Amit is an ambitious entrepreneur who has a lot of values and an incredible business mind that just fascinates people. He is known in the industry to want to expand and change perspectives of things in order to give everybody an opportunity.

He understands what people want and is looking to make positive changes in the dating community. Here, we get to talk to him about his inspirations, goals and possible hope for expansions for the future. 

What inspired you to create Snatchable?

“Dating apps are very popular in this generation, but because it’s so popular there is a lot of competition out there and the packages that they offer can be too expensive for someone who wants to get into the dating world. That is why I was inspired to come up with a dating app that offers a package that is at a low cost and offers everything in one go.”

Do you think that our generation feels more comfortable to meet each other online at first?

“Yeah because it is the way time has gone on, everything has changed now. We are in a generation where everyone goes online in order to meet each other, then they will meet in person. It’s not first contact in person anymore. It’s the norm using technology instead of meeting face to face.”

What do you think an ideal first date would be?

“The ideal first date would be something simple and casual, such as meeting up at a coffee shop. It offers that sense of comfortability, when getting to know each other and you don’t have to be too flashy or overthink about overdressing.” 

If you could change something about this world, what would it be?

“It is really important to me to try my hardest to help reduce or ideally eradiacte human trafficking and child exploitation. I am speaking to a few charities at the moment in order to help.”

Are there any role models that you look up to?

“Elon Musk is a guy that I look up to. He is a risk taker and he is the modern day iron man; as if he is the real life version of him. He has no filter and does and says what he wants, when it comes to business.”

What do you enjoy doing in your own time, when you are not working?

“I love socialising, even in my own time. I enjoy getting to know people from different business fields and that have common interests and the same passions as me.”

It is great that you want to start up an app for the muslim community. Would you like to expand to Dubai?

“Yes, that is basically the plan. I currently have the standard version of the app up and running, but I would like to expand to Dubai and the middle east. In the muslim culture and community, we have our traditions and people don’t really date. I believe that our generation should have the chance to get into modern dating, which still respects our culture.”

If you were to expand your dating app, which top 5 countries would you like to expand it to?

“Currently we are in the UK and India. However, ideally in the future I would love to expand in the USA, as well as Canada, Australia, Brazil and the middle east. Right now, there is an economic climate, given with the current circumstances such as Covid-19, which is another reason why we offer our dating app at such a low rate.”

Do you have any future projects that we should look out for?

“Right now, with my current dating app, I am also currently looking at collaborating with charities in order to eradicate human trafficking and child exploitation. It is very important to me and 5% of my net profit for my company will go towards that.”

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