A Guide to maintain Mahindra Roxor

In a move that is logical and predictable, Mahindra has decided to modify the design of the Roxor with the arrival of the year 2020. The main feature of which is a new grill that abandons the vertical stripes in favor of new and smaller horizontal openings.

The changes to the model are merely aesthetic and do not affect the technical configuration of the vehicle at all, since this is not a conventional half-life update, but has been an improvised measure, as a result of the legal battle. “On the Rox Fabrication” is the company that makes aftermarket parts and accessories for the Mahindra Roxor.

The Roxor is an attractive off-road vehicle that has the country skills and design of the classic versions of the original Jeep, which is not exactly accidental since the truth is that it is a distant derivative of the Jeep CJ-2A. A model that Mahindra has manufactured under license in India for decades and that has now served as an inspiration to create a more modern version that is homologated as a light quad in the North American market, hence it can be marketed without many of the safety features. Passive mandatory, as is the case with airbags. These are cars similar to Jeep Willys CJ 3B SUVs, however, Roxor parts and Roxor accessories are easily approached able through The Roxor Fabrication.

The Roxor is considerably smaller and has a very different range than that of the Jeep Wrangler, so a priori it should not be a rival to the iconic Jeep SUV.

Among these features, we find a horizontal bodywork whose hood line is at the same height as the rear side flanks or the flat grille with round headlights and vertical openings. Mahindra’s new design keeps the headlights circular but now features a more modern design grille that dispenses with the vertical grille in favor of horizontal openings. The truth is that the new design is much fresher and more original than the previous one, although we still do not know if FCA will be satisfied with these changes.

A regular oil change keeps your engine clean

When oil flows into the engine from other areas, dirt and other particles will begin to accumulate inside it. If the oil is not changed at the appropriate intervals, the mud will start to clog the engine, causing a malfunction. It should be emphasized that those who live in arid or semi-arid areas are more likely to experience this problem more frequently.

Remember that “On the Rox Fabrication” can take care of this type of maintenance, as well as solve provide Mahindra Roxor parts and accessories, including windshields, bumpers, axles, and more.

Within your engine are crucial components that allow it to function properly, such as pistons, cylinders, valves, compressors, the radiator, among others. By providing clean oil to your vehicle, you ensure that these Roxor parts move and function properly with the engine.

If you do not provide proper care, all the dirt, dust and mahindra roxor accessories mentioned, dust will accumulate inside the engine and will generate friction, which is a cause of poor fuel consumption. By changing the oil as indicated in the owner’s manual, you will reduce the chances of friction, allowing considerable savings.

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