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1.) A big and hearty “thank you” for talking with Vents Magazine today, Amelie…Before we get the proverbial ball rolling, the coronavirus has affected everything, up to and including the entertainment industry. How have you been during these uncertain times?

Aw, hello, and thank you so much for having me here today; I am so excited. These last few months have been shocking and surreal. I truly can’t believe everything that is happening in the world right now;  it’s scary. But I am so thankful that I have been able to help support my town and people in need by doing charity, etc. It has been really cool to discover new ways to use my platform and connect with other artists, fans, etc.. My goal is to be able to use my platform and spread positivity and happiness. I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe:))

2.) Congratulations are in order for your casting in a recurring role in Brat TV’s Chicken Girls! How did you celebrate this pretty big career development?

Thank you so so much! Booking this role of “Sadie” was life-changing, and it was so cool because I was in London on Thanksgiving eating dinner when I got the call. I remember being like, hmm, I wonder who is calling. So my cousin/best friend and I ran outside, and I answered the call and got the news. We jumped and screamed quietly with joy. I was so excited we celebrated by getting chocolate-covered strawberries and took pictures to capture the moment of pure excitement; this was a moment in my life that I will never forget.

3.) For Vent’s readers who may not be familiar with Chicken Girls, can you give them your best pitch as to why they should check this wildly creative and funny show out?

Chicken Girls season six is a crazy one (in a good way lol). It has so many new elements and twists compared to other seasons. It also addresses a lot of different issues and situations that many teens and young kids might be going through as well. Like eating disorders, getting involved with people that are bad influences, and situations that we all go through or will at some point in our lives. Addressing right from wrong, embracing diversity and understanding the effects of those that don’t, lying to your parents, or just the normal romantic feelings and relationships teens go through. It is a great avenue for our generation to know that they are not alone, especially right now, during a time where so much is changing for us and our world. It is very important for our generation and people, in general, to know that they are not alone. When fans see these characters that they adore go through all of these trials and tribulations, I think it really helps the fans be able to relate better to our characters, and feel a connection.

4.) Can you tell us a little bit about the character of Sadie, who you are playing in Chicken Girls?

“Sadie” is such a fun character to play, and I am so grateful I get to portray her. Sadie is TK (Hayden Summerall’s) girlfriend in the show, and man does she have a personality on her. She comes from Texas, has that fiery Texas, cowgirl sass. She is a bit of a spitfire. Getting to play her is so much fun. She is a mix of a girly girl country girl with a lot of spunk, lack of filter, and snobby sass. This character was really fun to prepare for since I am normally not a mean girl at all!

6.) You are working with a tremendously talented ensemble of actors on Chicken Girls. What has it been like for you to play opposite such stalwarts as Annie LeBlanc, Hayden Summerall, and Indiana Massara?

When I found out I booked this role of “Sadie” with such insanely talented individuals, I was overwhelmed with excitement. Working with this ensemble is so much fun, they are all so humble, they were so welcoming to me, and I am so grateful for that. We have all become such amazing friends and its crazy to think that just a few months ago we didn’t know each other at all.  I was a bit nervous when I first got on set, I think my very first scene was with Hayden, and I will be honest I was “nervxited” (I use that term when I am a mix of overly happy and excited, but also a little nervous).  Hayden and the rest of the team were so kind and helped make me feel super comfortable; it seemed like we had all been friends forever.

7.) Can you give fans any hints about future storylines for Chicken Girls?

I can’t say too much about the future of Chicken Girls; however, it is definitely going to be fun and fresh, everyone should be super excited, buckle your seat belts and get ready for an awesome ride, lol. 🙂

8.) Along with acting, you also are an extremely talented dancer having danced for the very talented Justin Bieber during his Purpose Tour. You were only twelve at that time. What was that experience like for you?

Thank you so much. I very much appreciate your kind and supportive words.   Dancing with the Biebs is how my whole career started, and that moment changed my life forever, and it allowed me to really see my true passion and calling. I remember that entire day perfectly, and that day was beyond life-changing for me, and definitely one of the best days of my whole life. It was one of the most surreal moments, and I am so thankful I got the opportunity to perform and gain insight from Justin. He continues to inspire me daily and is a leading force in my life and career.  

9.) How did you become interested in dancing and theatre?

My whole career started out with dance, and being able to dance is a great feeling I cherish every day. I began to dance at the age of seven/eight when there were no gymnastics/acrobatic studios in my town. However, there was a dance studio, so I started to take dance classes. At first, it was just one or two classes, but soon, teachers called my mom and invited me to participate in their other classes. Sometimes things work in funny ways. As I got older and started competing, it became a lot more hours of training. I was about eight/nine when I did my first musical theater production for the Lion King, and I loved it so much; however, I didn’t really make it my main focus, I just did it on the side because I loved getting to play different characters and combine dancing and acting.  

10.) Has your family been supportive of your ambitions?

My family is my backbone, and they support me with everything, and I can’t thank them enough for that. I honestly don’t know where to even begin with it all.  When I danced locally, it still seemed like a lot of hours my folks were putting in, and then when I started competing it was even crazier, top it off with when I began to train in West Palm Beach and compete more seriously and nationally, my mother would leave the house with me at 2:45, and we wouldn’t get home until 10:00 pm. Usually, she would stay down there doing different things to entertain herself etc…because it wasn’t economically worth driving back and forth. My father and my brother were back at the house, and they got to do a lot of bonding, etc. We always made the best of everything and every situation. My parents are very positive people.  Eventually, my mother figured out a better dance/comp schedule for me to sustain and for her to be able to drop me off and go back home. That’s when the days got even longer for me, but it was so worth it to see my mother back at home with my dad and brother. With the “free” time I would have at the studio, I ended up using it to help the younger classes, which was super enriching and fun. Traveling back and forth has been good for us all.  We often figure out ways for the entire family to go, or my mom and dad take turns with me.  For instance, in October, I was in Los Angeles for over a month, and my parents were wonderful at splitting the time with me out there. They have been together for over 20 years and have a very strong relationship.  

11.) Are there any actors who inspire your own work?

There are so many actors that inspire my work and help me strive in my passion. However, one of my biggest inspirations in acting and life, in general, is Reese Witherspoon. She is such an inspiration to me, having gotten into acting at a similar age, coming from the south. She acted and successfully got her college degree, and now has created so many platforms for herself that she inspires me daily.

12.) You also model and were recently the face for Totto Brand’s Exclusive Sebastian Yatra Line. First of all, how on earth do you find all of the time to be so accomplished in so many different fields?

Being the face for Totto Brand’s Exclusive Sebastian Yatra Line was such a surreal experience, and I still can’t believe I had this opportunity, it was amazing!! Thank you so much for your kind words. To be completely honest, time is something that I try not to pay attention to, lol. I really just try to focus on my goals and everything I want to accomplish, and I feel like when I do this, I am able to find time for everything. Most of my days consist of ten-hour set days and then straight to dance for a few hours and then, events, hanging with friends, etc. It’s a lot, but at the same time I enjoy every second of it, and it’s all such a fun adventure!

13.) You were born and raised in Florida; was there a bit of culture shock when you entered the entertainment industry and suddenly found yourself in such locales as Los Angles and New York City?

Lol, that’s a great question.  I was born and raised in a super small town where everyone knows everyone, but my mother is from Buenos Aires and has traveled and lived in many different places. My father is an avid traveler as well, so they had tried to help prepare me and give me a little bit of perspective before going to these places. My mom is very straight up, and upfront, she doesn’t sugar coat things, so that helped to give me some thicker skin along the way.  But still, nothing truly prepares you for the moment when you are actually there immersed in these places and the different lifestyles, etc. Going to LA and NYC has definitely been a culture shock, but overall, in a really good way. Traveling to these new locations has been eye-opening, and it definitely taught me so many life lessons. It’s really preparing me for the real world, and I am so grateful for that.

 14.) What do you have coming up in the future in the way of projects? Anything you can tell fans about?

I have several projects in the works and was actually in the middle of working on one back in March before the production had to halt because of the virus. I would love to say more about the projects, but as you know, we usually aren’t allowed to say too much about them until closer to their release. But I am so excited for everyone to see everything that is coming up. I am also working hard to release new IGTV content of my daily stretch routines, vlogs of my everyday quarantine life, cooking while exploring world flavors, and more. My fans have been asking to see some of this content from me, and I am excited to begin sharing. I’ve also had several brands approach me to start working on some possible merch, so you might want to keep your eyes out for that!

15.) Final (Silly) Question: You’re stranded on a deserted island. What is the one film and the one album you have with you to pass the time?

Hehe, I love silly questions. Ooo, this is a hard one. If I had to choose just one of each, I would say Justin Bieber Purpose Album, and for the film “10 Things I Hate About You.”

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