How to make friends with reduced efforts

Today depression is one of the common issues which is being faced by everyone, especially the youth of our country. Most of the depressions are resulting in suicide which is a reason of aloneness. If you are also alone in your life then it is the perfect time to get someone. You may have met lots of people in your life and even liked some of them but it becomes hard to talk to them as you may feel shy or due to lack of confidence.

Making friends like you have seen in the bollywood friendship songs is not a difficult task but all which is required is the good will and intentions. Whenever we make friends we need to be choosy and careful. The person whom you are going to trust and will share your feelings should be loyal and similar to you. If you get someone who is honest, caring, loving and trustworthy then never miss a chance of friendship. Friends are now very essential in our lives not because of those dosti hindi songs motivation but they are important because with them you can share your bad and good moments, this never make you feel alone and depressed.

Top 10 dostihindi songs

Although there are various dostihindi songs in Bollywood which you can enjoy but here we are going to present the list of top 10 songs on friendship.

  • Terejaisayaarkahan: Yaarana
  • Yaar Mod do: By Guru Randhawa
  • Yaariyan: Yaariyan
  • Tu hi tohmeri dost hai: Yuvvraaj
  • Harek friend kaminahotahai: ChashmeBaddoor
  • FukFukfukrey: Fukrey
  • Jaanekyon: Dostana
  • Jaanenahindengetujhe: 3 idiots
  • Dilchahtahai : Dilchahtahai
  • Areyaaron mere pyaaron: Jo jeetavahisikandar

So, this was the list of top evergreen friendship songs of Bollywood which will definitely make you feel happy. You can sing these songs or can dedicate them to your friend with lots of love and care. To show how much you love them, it is the perfect time to make your bond more strong.

Benefits of friends

Every person deserves to have a good friend in their life so that they do not feel lonely. There are many more benefits of having a good friend in your life which we are going to discuss below,

  • A positive impact on health, which is a good sign of a healthy mind.
  • You feel energetic and happy when you cherish your moments with your friends.
  • Psychologically, if you are dealing with depression then a friend with whom you can share anything will be best for you.
  • They make you feel happy when you are in a bad mood.
  • A good friend is always in deed.

So, if you are also having someone in your life whom you can trust blindly and never lose faith then you should share some great friendship songs in Hindi with them which are mentioned above. This will make your bone stronger.

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