How to Keep Your Home Safe While on a Vacation

So you finally decided to show a green flag to your vacation plans? Maybe as a quick break to your work life, or maybe as one of your retirement gifts? But what’s bothering you even then?

Security of our homes is a nagging worry in each one of our minds. After all, we don’t build a home with our loved possessions only to lose them in the long run, do we? And if that is your worry, fret not any more, because you have come to the perfect place.

Without wasting any more of your time, let’s jump to some tips and tricks to keep your house safe while you’re away on vacation.

1. Don’t divulge your plans online

A mistake which is very frequently done by people is posting everything online: their plans, their location, everything. Now you might retort with “so what? Everyone does that!”

Perhaps, everyone does. But social media is a public place and for all you know, your plans might catch the eye of some criminal. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Wait at least till you come back from your vacations.

2. Don’t keep all the lights on

A very common advice to people going on vacations is to leave their lights on. Now you really don’t want to do that, do you? Not only will you have to pay a higher electricity bill, your house would look unusual. After all, how many people sleep with their lights on?

So, the best plan here is to use smart lighting, so that the lights can be set to a timer, and which can be controlled remotely.

3. Install a Monitored Security System

Security systems are essential in today’s world. And they become even more important while you’re away. Having a monitored security system installed in your home would mean a peaceful state of mind while you’re away.

Monitored security systems like a panic button ensure that if the alarm is triggered in any way, the monitoring company is notified, which can then take appropriate steps like sending emergency services or calling the police.

Some security systems even stream live video remotely which you can view through your phone, so really, you can choose from a plethora of options when it comes to security systems, as per your preference.

4. Leave a key with a trustworthy friend or relative

While you’re away, fliers and mails and those pending Amazon orders are bound to keep coming. And one of the most sure ways to conclude a house is empty, is by looking at a filled mailbox. You wouldn’t want that of course, would you now?

To make sure that doesn’t happen, ask a friend or a neighbour whom you trust to check on your house daily, or on alternate days. Also, you can also ask them to check your house once in a while, if you don’t have any security systems installed.

5. Properly check that your doors and windows are closed

Now this might seem fairly obvious to you. But did you know that almost 32% of the burglars enter through open doors?

So, make sure that before you go out, all the entry points to your home – the doors, the windows – all of them are shut. Keeping any of them open risks entry to not just thieves, but also animals, wind, rain etc.

6. What to do with the curtains?

Now, most of the people close their curtains, naturally, to prevent anyone peeping inside. But if you are someone who keeps their curtains open most of the time while at home, keeping it closed will only indicate that you’re away.

So the best way, and this applies for almost every aspect of your house when you go out, is to keep it the same way in which you usually keep it while at home. So keep your curtains open, but make sure to remove any valuable items, so as to avoid any person peeking through, to not see it.


I hope this article was helpful in dissipating your worries and hopefully, gave you some useful tips so that you actually enjoy your vacations without worrying about your home’s security. Till the next time, tshüss!

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