Top 5 Songs to Play while Gambling

Regardless if we are talking about playing online, through your phone or computer, or placing a bet in a casino or betting house, the music is usually the most vanilla thing you can find. Casinos and operators usually work on the lowest common denominator and use only mild background music.

But, you can change all that. By playing or carrying your own music, you can start a playlist that will make your experience more enjoyable.

What you will pick will depend on which genre you like, but there are some great songs out there that seem to be perfect for some games. Any of these are a great starting point for a playlist and something that will get you in the right mood.

Music on the Inside

The music you play doesn’t need to be for everyone’s taste. People are different, and where one’s party – others frown. Make sure you adapt the music you play for yourself to the music already inside you.

But, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be allowed to explore. There are amazing songs of all genres and there is no reason why you wouldn’t like something you never heard before.

The internet now has millions of songs from all over the world to choose from. Simply by the rule of large numbers, some iconic songs are bound to pop up in every genre.

Sports Betting – Blur / Song No. 2

Taken straight from the soundtrack for the objectively best FIFA game thus far, the ’98 Road to World Cup, and something instantly recognizable for anyone that follows soccer.

But, you should make sure not to play this song before you place a bet online, or at a sports bar, because you might overestimate your chances. This song is just before the game begins so that it can put you into the mood of high-class football.

Additionally, this also works for the NFL and other sports games. The amazing drop in the beat that happens right after the first riff will put everyone’s sports blood into a frenzy.

Horse Races – Ginuwine / Pony

To be fair, this song is not really about ponies but is still an amazing song to sing while your horse is running into the first place.

There is a vocal snare following the whole song that you will try to recreate all the time. But, the main vocals are what engages everyone to release their inner dancer and cheer their pony on the tracks. Even if you are unlucky, you will keep yourself in a good mood.

Baccarat & Blackjack – Motörhead / Ace of Spades

Do you want to live forever?!

We know that Lemmy was an avid gambler and playing this song in his honor is something that should spice up any game of blackjack or baccarat. High stakes and high pressures, that’s what it is all about.

The song keeps a fast pace and thus your focus on the edge, but the lyrics are where you will find the truth coming from the mouth of a guy who tried it. You know that you are playing against the odds and that you are most likely to lose.

But, in your loss, there is only money on the line. If you beat the odds and win there are glory and proof that there is something, somewhere, that is still on your side. 

Poker – Kenny Rogers / The Gambler

If you never heard this almost half a century old gem at a poker table, you were sitting at the wrong tables. This is, by default, a song for those who are on a streak, either winning or losing.

If you are winning, it is a reminder that you shouldn’t loosen up and that there are still chips on the board. Every hand’s a winner, and every hand’s a loser.

And, if you are losing, it is a reminder that you shouldn’t take anything seriously and simply keep playing as long as you are having fun. The most important thing is that you know that it’s a game.

Finally, the chorus is an intrinsic truth for all gamblers, and especially those playing poker, and it can be repeated to yourself and your table. For those with experience, they will recognize Kenny’s song instantly, enjoying the game even more now that they know everyone is on the same page.

Slots – Katy Perry / Waking Up In Vegas

Some might say that Katy Perry is a guilty pleasure, especially when placed in a list like this next to Lemmy Kilmister and Kenny Rogers. But, there is nothing to be guilty about. She is a great artist with amazing lyrics.

For slots, this mild pop-rock sound is just what you need and a great way to improve your experience playing online casino slots, or pulling the handle in a casino.

And when you win, you can, as the song says, cash out and leave town… as any good gambler should.

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