The advantages of Bluetooth earphones

We all have heard of Bluetooth earbuds. They look like the old earphones, only without cables. The question now is how good wireless earphones really are and whether this innovation will prevail in the long run. You can find out what advantages of wireless earphones offer here in this article.

Among extremely high-quality earphones you will find almost exclusively those with cables and practically never TWS Bluetooth earphones. This is simply due to the fact that the cable has a decisive advantage: it always works the same way and enables always interference-free transmission. Even if a lot of esotericism often resonates with the purchase of particularly expensive cables, you can also make real mistakes here. For example, you have to pay attention to the correct connector. Most smartphones have 3.4-millimeter plugs, many stereos have 6-millimeter plugs.

Ideal size

The advantages of in-ears are their size. They are small, light, and their design generally offers a good hold – ideal for sporting activities. They can also be stowed away when you don’t need them because they fit in every jacket pocket. Due to their design, in-ears are inserted directly into the ear canal or, like the so-called earbuds (for example, like Apple’s white ear pods), directly in front of it. This means that the energy consumption is very low and the installed membranes only have to be moved a little to achieve acceptable volumes.

No jack problems

Basically, Apple introduced wireless earphones so that the iPhone 7 is completely waterproof. The earphone connection is no longer available. This is generally another advantage of the innovation: If the jack is no longer available, you no longer have to repair it. Because a defective headphone jack, unfortunately, occurs more often.

No knotting

A characteristic of conventional earphones that has so far bothered everyone: they always knot. Regardless of whether they were rolled up meticulously beforehand to minimize the risk of knotting or whether they were simply thrown into your pocket. The result was always the same. This can no longer happen with wireless earphones. This advantage saves you time and patience.

No tangling

Do you like listening to music on earphones at work in the workshop, kitchen, or office? With wireless earphones, all you have to do is leave the smartphone nearby and you can then move around freely without getting tangled in cables that only interfere. Of course, wireless earphones are particularly practical for sports.

Active Noise Canceling (ANC)

Ever heard of active noise canceling? Anyone who speaks some English can already guess. Disturbing ambient noise should be actively filtered out and listening pleasure should continue unabated. Be it the noise of the street or the rattling of trams, the music simply sounds better without ambient noise. But be careful: ANC does not mean “noise-reducing”. Well-fitting earphones naturally reduce noise, but this is not an active noise reduction. Active means that with the help of counter sound, ambient noise does not reach our ear canal. Incident noise reduction, ANR, is almost the same.

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