How to Write the Perfect Business Plan

When structuring a business plan, you can use the business plan templates, which is available on the internet. If you also adhere to these rules for the business plan, you can quickly implement your business concept in written and spoken form. Your text will become more understandable and the business idea will be revealed to the reader much faster. Here are the rules for a perfect business plan:

1. Targeted – write for the reader

Before you start formulating the business plan, think about who you are writing the business plan for. Do you want to formulate your ideas for yourself, or do you want to convince a bank of your idea? Ask yourself: What does my reader expect from me? The bank wants numbers, data, facts. The investor, on the other hand, wants to read a story that promises significant company growth and thus growth in company value.

2. Authentic – you are the author

Write your business plan yourself in your own words. Your readers should recognize you as a person with your skills and knowledge. Don’t bend and stay authentic.

3. Specifically – this is your business idea

Describe your project and your (future) customers and leave business, theoretical explanations aside. You don’t have to derive the break-even point. Instead, you should explain the sales from which the revenues in your business concept are higher than the expenses. You can and should address general market developments – but please only refer to your product.

4. One time – avoid repetitions

Describe each point only once. You have an outline for a reason. Stick to it and avoid repeating content.

When you have finished writing your business plan, delete all repetitions.

Describe your sales in the heading profitability planning and not in the area of ​​market development. You can and must repeat yourself only with the points business idea and summary or executive summary.

5. Active – you implement your concept

Write in active mode. What does the following sound like? “Can you develop this business idea into a franchise concept?” Doesn’t it sound better if you write: “I will develop this business idea into a franchise concept”? Your readers want to hear: you are the active part and you move the world not the other way around.

6. Understandable – readers need to understand your concept

Pay attention to your audience. You are a professional, you know the world around your business idea, but your readers probably don’t. Avoid too much technical vocabulary, describe your products in a way that is easy to understand. Your audience should understand the content and consequently evaluate your business idea.

Slow food is an understandable and common term in wide circles of gastronomy. If you use this term in your business plan, perhaps even as the core of your concept, it is appropriate to explain this term anyway – in each case in relation to the context of the concept.

The business plan for the further development of an electric car should be written according to the same rules as the short business concept of a snack for presentation to the job center.

Start writing, stick to your outline, and follow these simple rules, and you will convince your reader with your business plan.

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