How Qazikoo Challenger Bank Used Social Media to Change UK’s Mindset About Banks

In 2018, Director Kevin Kelpinwietz wasted a lot of time trying to manage different bank apps on his phone. Accessing each app proved to be a nightmare, and this is when he had his epiphany and realized that there had to be a better solution to his banking needs, thus giving birth to Qazikoo Challenger Bank – which isn’t due until September 2020.

“There are some things that I don’t enjoy, and one of them is wasting time. It’s not about making mistakes and failing, but it’s about having a system that holds you back.  Why use multiple banking apps when you can have one? I knew something had to be done, so I started working on a new banking concept – and I love how it’s turned out,” said Director Kevin Kelpinwietz.

Built on the premises that we live in a digital and global world, where the majority of people own a smartphone, Kelpinwietz started working on Qazikoo, a Challenger Bank for today’s modern banking needs. In a world where people have to check their bank accounts several times a week, a Challenger Bank offers a much simpler and more efficient alternative to traditional banks.

Kelpinwietz’s marketing plan consists in promoting Qazikoo across all social media platforms, where he can successfully reach his target audience of young and tech-savvy people. To further increase his marketing efforts and build his brand, Kelpinwietz has also sold 5% of the company’s shares to 1,000 celebrities and brand ambassadors, thus establishing Qazikoo as the go-to Challenger Bank.

Up to now, more than 10’000 people have already subscribed to Qazikoo’s beta version, enjoying the flexible banking features and options for a personalized banking experience. Using fintech to build the Challenger Bank’s much-loved app, Kelpinwietz is slowly but surely convincing more and more people that there are better ways to bank. With the help of Kelpinwietz’s marketing efforts on social media, Qazikoo is expected to feature prominently in peoples’ newsfeeds and to reach even more people and gain a loyal following.

Talking about the concept behind Qazikoo’s social media presence, Kelpinwietz says: “To think that there are any doubts about using a Challenger Bank would suggest that people are not capable of using an app, which is not the case.” He continues: “Our popularity on social media and the number of subscribers just goes to show how much people need a simpler banking experience.”

Qazikoo represents an important step in the banking journey by providing a time-saving and healthy control banking option. Qazikoo integrated fintech’s innovations to build a Challenger Bank that can keep up with the times and rapidly adapt to society’s needs.

Whether it’s to check multiple bank accounts, make international payments, or pay for food online, Qazikoo is the perfect solution to a generation that uses social media on a daily basis.

Qazikoo Challenger Bank will officially open in September 2020 – Watch as Kelpinwietz takes his banking vision to new heights to better serve thousands of individuals and small businesses across the UK.

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