Holy Hemp! 5 Fun Facts About Hemp for the Smart CBD Lover

The first CBD-based prescription medication has received FDA approval, and the US hemp industry is booming. As more CBD products make their way to store shelves and into our hearts, the potential uses for hemp continue to grow. Let’s check out five fun facts about hemp plants and their astounding capabilities.

1. Hemp Plants Can Keep Soil Clean

Hemp seems to be able to remove toxic materials and metals from the surrounding environment, including the soil. In a process known as bioremediation, hemp also helps to consume massive quantities of carbon dioxide, potentially helping to stabilize the atmosphere and offset damaging climate changes.

2. Hemp Seeds Are Packed With Nutrients

Hemp seeds are complex and rich in vitamins and nutrients. They also contain a significant amount of protein. Consequently, they make a fantastic addition to any diet that is traditionally low in protein. And in addition to omega fatty acids, hemp seeds also contain skin-friendly Vitamin E.

Individuals who incorporate hemp seeds into their recipes can enjoy bone-strengthening calcium and anemia-fighting iron and zinc. Overall, hemp seeds are a fantastic source of immune-boosting nutrients and muscle-enriching protein.

3.  Trichomes Make All the Difference

If you’ve ever wondered, “Does hemp flower have trichomes,” the answer is yes. The potency of any given hemp plant is often determined by the number of trichomes found on its buds and flowers. These are visible as a fine fuzz-like collection of hairs that often appear white. The more trichomes present, the more potent the plant.

This is true of plants being grown for THC-based products and those grown for CBD distillation. Whenever purchasing hemp for medicinal or therapeutic reasons, it’s almost always better to go for the strain that looks like it’s covered in a fine frost.

4. The Founding Fathers Were Hemp-Friendly

Though marijuana has experienced a long bout of illegality in the United States, hemp was once embraced as a miracle crop. The Founding Fathers were particularly fond of fast-growing, multipurpose hemp plants. Many of them, including George Washington, grew their own hemp.

Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were other critical supporters of hemp. The latter built a mill to grind the stuff into a pulp and flatten it into usable paper. From the very beginning of United States history, hemp has held a unique and economically useful place in the hearts of hardworking citizens.

5. Hemp Is an Excellent Replacement for Wood

Hemp fiber is exceptionally strong. It can be worked into hundreds and potentially even thousands of different products. And because hemp plants can grow quickly in poor soil, they are becoming a more viable material for furniture, building materials, and almost anything else you can think of.

In the future, hemp crops could replace wood entirely for consumer products. This would result in larger, healthier forests and less deforestation. 

Fun Facts About Hemp: It’s Truly Amazing

Hopefully, these five fun facts about hemp have inspired you to learn more about this incredible plant. The hemp and medical marijuana industries are steadily becoming economic powerhouses. CBD products are becoming more commonplace and more effective.

In the future, hemp products might be more plentiful than plastic or wood ones. Are you interested in learning more cool facts? Check our related articles and discover more.

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