Different Types of CBD Products: Everything You Need to Know

Cannabis and its beneficial cannabinoids soothed pains and aches for centuries. But since 2018 brought around legal hemp production, one cannabinoid (CBD) took the spotlight.

CBD is just one of the hundreds of helpful compounds found in cannabis. It is so safe to use, the FDA approved two CBD-based drugs to treat epilepsy.

Why is CBD so safe? Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t make your head fuzzy. It leaves you clear-headed and able to function normally.

But which CBD product is the best to take? Use this guide to see which types of CBD products are best for you.

CBD Explained

Due to the legal limbo of cannabis, knowledge about cannabinoids is mostly rumors. Before jumping in and taking a new supplement, do a little homework. 

What Is the ECS?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible for sending messages between cells. All animals, humans included, possess this system and create cannabinoids.

But wait, aren’t cannabinoids what makes cannabis so helpful?

Yes, indeed they are. That’s why CBD and its cousins work so well for certain conditions.

The ECS works like this:

  • You hurt your knee while jogging
  • The ECS replies by telling the nearby cells to heal the wound
  • The ECS also sends messages to support systems to help ease the damaged nerves

There is a theory that a shortage of cannabinoids leads to chronic conditions. CBD helps with conditions like fibromyalgia by filling in for the missing cannabinoids.

Why Does Bioavailability Matter So Much?

Bioavailability is the percentage of a substance that enters the bloodstream after consumption. 

CBD products range from edibles to shampoo. Every last one boasts about offering the most intense CBD experience possible.

But for some products, it just isn’t true. Matter of fact, some types of CBD products aren’t worth buying at all. Their bioavailability is so low, you won’t feel anything.

CBD products and their bioavailability:

  • Inhaled CBD products – 34% to 56%
  • Sublingual CBD products – 13% to 35%
  • Edible CBD products – 6% to 20%
  • Topical CBD products – Too low to measure

There are many ways to take CBD, but not all of them will help as needed.

Chronic pain patients who use CBD as part of their treatment shouldn’t rely on edibles. The bioavailability is low and it takes hours for the CBD to work. 

Know Your CBD Source

Always take care when buying any kind of supplement, but especially with CBD products.

Fly-by-night companies want to cash in on the projected $24 billion CBD marketplace. They’re not going to care about your safety, only your money. For more info you can look at PlusCBD lab reports and review.

Not All CBD Is the Same

CBD comes from any cannabis plant. Some varieties have more CBD, some have less. It’s the same for any cannabinoid, like THC, CBG, and CBC.

Legally, the CBD products you find on the shelves cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. To ensure the products remain in regulation, they source CBD from industrial hemp.

In states with recreational marijuana laws, there are CBD products with higher levels of THC. This is why you need to read the labels.

You also need to know the difference in CBD types. These include:

  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • CBD isolate

To learn more about the types of CBD, read this article.

Find a Reliable CBD Source

Trust is important when picking a CBD supplier. That starts with the supplier freely offering information about how they process the CBD.

Good CBD products are tested by third-party labs regularly. A trustworthy company will put its test results in an easy-to-find location. 

The important numbers to find on the tests are:

  • Percentage of CBD
  • Percentage of THC
  • Amount of mold spores
  • Amount of pesticides
  • Amount of solvents
  • Amount of bacteria

If the supplier hides their tests or refuses to offer one, shop elsewhere.

The Many Types of CBD Products

The sky is the limit when it comes to the creativity of CBD products. Learn a little more about each type of CBD product to see which you’ll enjoy.


Vapes got a bit of a bad rap after shady sellers hit the market. Bad cannabis vape juices include vitamin E and other thickeners. These cause severe breathing problems.

Legitimate CBD vape juices are the quickest way to get relief. There’s no mess to deal with. Most sellers even offer pre-measured cartridges that fit onto a vape battery.

Vaped CBD begins to work within 10-25 minutes.

CBD Flower

If you don’t trust vape juices, you can always smoke CBD flowers.

CBD flowers are taken straight from the hemp plant and dried. No other processing is necessary. 

Smoking CBD flowers is just like smoking marijuana. The only exception is there’s no high after smoking CBD flowers.

CBD Tincture

CBD tinctures are the best for those who don’t want to or can’t smoke. They work almost as quickly as vaping and the effects last twice as long.

Tinctures are made by soaking hemp in food-grade alcohol or glycerin. This draws out all of the cannabinoids in the hemp.

To use tinctures, place the proper dose under your tongue. Hold it there for at least a minute before swallowing.


CBD oil is made from CBD extracts mixed with a neutral carrier oil. Usually, the oil is hemp or olive oil.

Because the CBD is already suspended in oil, this makes it perfect for cooking. Add CBD oil to your favorite meals to make taking your supplements more fun.

Pro tip: Do not overheat your CBD oil. The hotter the oil gets, the less effective it is in the end. 

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are by far one of the most popular products.

They’re easy to hide. The gummies don’t require you to measure your CBD dose. Most importantly, the sugar hides the bitter CBD taste.

All edibles take about 2 hours to take full effect. Be patient when using gummies to take your daily dose of CBD.

There Are Countless Ways to Take CBD

With so many types of CBD products, you’ll never grow bored. 

Once you find a CBD supplier you trust, try a few different products. See if you like vapes better than tinctures.

Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean CBD has to be boring.

Want to know more about CBD? Browse our Lifestyle section.

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