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Best Cheap Action Camera in 2020

Whether you would like to record yourself riding a mountain bike on rough terrain or surfing big waves, there is no better way than an activity camera.

They can easily be attached to helmets, handlebars, and nearly anything else. But with so many options with different features, how can you understand which action camera to pick? Well, you are in luck. This guide is going to discuss a couple of the best cheap action cameras below $50.


Most of the time, this action camera will be placed in some relatively precarious and potentially harmful circumstances. Then, whenever using it, it’s going to have a higher risk of being struck, dropped, or tossed around. If it is not durable, it likely will not last very long, and you’ll be made to replace it. As a result, be sure the action camera you get is one that can take a beating and be shown to be lasting.

Battery Life

If you receive the best cheap action camera, then you want to make sure it could keep up with your lively and exciting way of life. A big part of this is making sure that it has relatively robust battery life. The last thing you want to do is be forced to cut your adventures short so as to charge your action camera. Besides great battery life, you need to always carry more than one battery with you.

Camera Quality

Of course, you also want to purchase an action camera that offers high-quality images and videos. The higher the grade of the camera, the more clear and comprehensive all media captured on the apparatus will be. The size of this lens, MP of the camera, along with the frames per second all go into the standard of the camera.

Greatest Action Camera Under $50: Our Picks for 2020

  1. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

This really is a great alternative for someone searching for 4K quality without having to pay a top cost. Shooting videos and photos are clear and easy, and sharing your own content is incredibly quick and can be done in real-time.

The gadget is not just very compact and portable, but also durable and features a watertight case. The camera includes an extra battery and lots of attachments to help show the versatility of this camera.

Best budget action camera: action cams for under $100  

One time, toughened action cameras ready for whatever the outdoors or busybodies could throw at them came at a premium cost, despite otherwise modest specification and feature sets. These days, with the market fairly saturated, a little shopping around and research will probably unearth models that can take the heat without causing a meltdown of either the camera or your wallet in the process.

OK, so there will be a level of compromise and level-headedness involved in the purchase choice: you’ll be heading for the less publicly recognized or acclaimed manufacturers — as you won’t be using the most up-to-date and finest GoPro camera for under $100.

But considering that you may well be strapping the camera to your surfboard, a bike, or even your dog’s collar, then there’ll be extra peace of mind to be obtained from the fact that it does not cost you a lot of money in the first location.

However, you will naturally still make sure any activity camera specification is sufficient to do everything you want it to do. While cheap may be enticing, you don’t want to be more actively throwing money away on an action camera that doesn’t appear to scratch.

AKASO EK7000 Guru

This upgrade of this 2016 EX7000 model sticks guru’ suffix on the name and shoe horns in 4K shooting. In fact, we appear to get a nice return for our money because this version also includes 16MP photographs and a two-inch touch display. There’s anti-shake also, albeit of the electronic selection. At the same time, watertight housing lets it withstand depths of 131ft (40m_, and a selectable diving style allows users to compensate for a deficiency of red light for underwater scenes. Pictures are saved to the optional microSD card, and it is an extra price. Included in the box is a remote control that can be strapped to your wrist, also various mounts and tethering cables and both lithium-ion batteries it needs. As the above mentioned, Wi-Fi is included here, as is your capability to achieve time-lapse specific effects, so this is an option worth further evaluation.

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