Why Using a Registry Cleaner Won’t Speed Up Your PC or Fix?

In this article, I am going to tell you why using a Registry Cleaner won’t speed up your PC or Fix. I personally don’t know if registry cleaners speed or boost your PC or not but this article is based upon what I’ve heard or read.

As much as they say, the registry cleaners don’t speed up your PC performance. Sometimes they are just a waste of money and your time. There are many best registry cleaner out in the web who claims to speed up your PC performance while cleaning the system’s registry entries.

Demystification of Registry Cleaners

Some people need to understand that Registry cleaners don’t have a magic button which you can push to speed your PC, as far as the PC – cleaning software developers would like the people to believe. As we all know that Windows registry is a huge database of settings which includes the Windows itself and the programs which you have installed in the system.

For example, there is a chance that you have installed a program and that program’s settings will be saved in the registry database. So mostly each and everything on your computer system have some kind of data in the registry database. There’s also a possibility that if you installed a program then there is a chance that it would leave all the registry entries behind.

These registries which stay on your system after you uninstalled the programs. These registries would stay until you have refreshed your PC, reinstalled your Windows system, ‘cleaned’ the registries through registry cleaner or you have deleted the registries manually.

Let me tell you one thing clear that all the registry cleaner does is scan the registry for faulty and unwanted registries and remove them from your system. Also, the registry cleaners would like you to believe them cleaning the registries will help boost the performance of your computer system as well. so that you’ll buy their software for that feature for improving the performance of your PC.

Promises by the Registry Cleaners to the users

The registry cleaners promise a lot to their users for them to buy their software. Some are real promises while some of them are fake. Once you have thoroughly used their software, then you can recognize which promises are real and which of them are fake.

Below mentioned are some of the promises which the registry cleaners often make to the users for them to buy their software:

  • Registry cleaners promises you that they can fix or repair ‘registry errors’ which causes system crashes and even blue screens on your PC.
  • It also tells you that your registry is full of junk files and some files which does not exist anymore and are ‘clogging’ anymore, due to which your computer system is slowing down.
  • These registry cleaners also eliminate or delete the unwanted, damaged and corrupt registry entries and files from your computer system.

Reality of Registry Cleaners

In reality, the registries are not a drag for your PC’s performance. The database of the registries on your computer system is huge and the individual system database is relatively tiny. There are hundreds of thousands of registry entries available in the database of your Windows system. even if you removed a few thousands of registry entries from the system, it will not make a noticeable dent in the size of your registry.

If your computers would have tiny memory or extremely slow hard disk, then there is a chance for you to shrink the registry a bit. The removal or elimination of the registry entries on your computer system in not noticeable in the computer we use today.

Also, windows are not getting confused and slowing down the system because you have a folder of uninstalled program on your computer system or if you have certain entry points of an outdated program on it.

There are no legitimate benchmarks which shows the increase in your PC’s performance has ever been recorded or released to the public. If any registry cleaner offered boost to your performance then we would have some kind of benchmark released to the public already rather than keeping it a secret. It’s an evidence, that most of the registry cleaner users have not find any kind of boost in their computer system on the modern computers. So, there is no actual evidence that the registry cleaners even if they are one of the best registry cleaners, they don’t boost the performance of your computer system.

Rare Cases of Registry Cleaners

I can say that sometimes in extreme rare cases it is theoretically possible that a registry cleaner would help speed up your PC and fix the registry.

For example, if an uninstalled program leaves behind some invalid context menu entry in your registry, it is possible that the context menu will take longer time than before to appear om the Windows explorer when you have right-clicked your mouse on something. There is also a possibility that the registry cleaner tools will find this problem and fix it for you.

Another case scenario is that if you have a decade old computer in your house with small amount of Ram and Windows installation which have probably seen thousands of programs being installed and uninstalled on your computer system over the decade. Theoretically, a registry cleaner can help this old computer system to shrink the size of your registry database to make the performance of your PC faster.

Even some of the users of one of the best registry cleaner tools have mentioned that they have noticed a boost in the performance of their PC after cleaning and repairing the invalid, broken and damaged registries. But still there is no actual proof about this.

Such situations mentioned above are bound to be extremely rare. Many people run the registry cleaner daily in hopes to boost or speed their PC and fix the crashes. And many registry cleaner tools recommend you to run the software weekly on your PC.

If Registry Cleaners wont speed up your PC, then what will?

Many of the readers and Windows users have asked that the registry cleaners wont speed up or boost their PC. but is there a way which you can use to boost your performance. I am going to say yes there is a way for you to speed up the performance of your PC. To speed up your PC, below mentioned points should be kept in mind.

  • Just be careful about the programs which you download on your system, cause some of them may carry virus which a slow down your computer or crash your system.
  • You can also try reinstalling your computer system which can help boost your performance.
  • Another thing you can try is to refresh your computer. Sometimes if a lot of programs are running together on your system then it can cause you system to slow down.

Hope this article was helpful for you and you got what you were looking for. Thank you so much for reading!!!

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