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What To Binge This Weekend: ‘Search Party’

I do not yet have access to HBO Max, and so I cannot speak to any new content on it. That includes the third season of the show Search Party. However, I did watch the first two seasons on TBS, and those seasons are also now on HBO Max. Based on that, and my hope that the third season is up to the same level of quality, my recommendation for this weekend is to make use of your new HBO Max subscription to check out Search Party.

Search Party is sort of a comedy thriller. It’s like if Hitchcock had decided to make a sitcom almost. Search Party also gets a lot of “Millennial” commentary thrown on it, which is partially valid but is maybe overblown. Alia Shawkat, the once and future Maeby Funke from Arrested Development, stars as Dory. She and her friends live in New York and go to brunch and do all that classic “Millennial” stuff. She’s bored with her life, and one day she sees a girl she barely knew in college who is purportedly missing. Dory decides to fill her life by searching for her, and she wraps two of her friends and her boyfriend into the mix. Things fall apart during the first season, and then fall apart more during the second season. I have to assume the third season is more of the same.

What I think is impressive about Search Party is that it does legitimately work as a thriller while also being a pretty funny comedy. It’s not a laugh riot, but there is a lot of keen observational humor. The performances of the main four characters is also quite good. John Early, who plays Dory’s friend Elliot, is a particular standout. He’s also probably the worst person of the four, which is really saying something.

I’m definitely intrigued for the third season of Search Party when I get to watch it. The first two seasons are really good. If you like some mystery mixed in with your comedy, and maybe want to see a little satire of Millennials, then give it a shot.

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