Twitch Rises in Popularity During the Pandemic

Twitch: it has become a fixture of the gaming industry. Launching in 2011 to the public, Twitch now has about 2.2 million users per month. It is the leading live video-game streaming platform out there, and it’s likely to be around for awhile. This has never been more true, because of the rise in it’s popularity since COVID-19 induced quarantine. Twitch has seen some huge increases. It’s hours watched jumped from 50 percent between March and April. Which is saying a lot, totaling at 1.49 billion hours watched, just in April.

Why is it so popular? Firstly, it is a form of entertainment. But it’s entertainment taken up a few notches. Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment. But Twitch is a platform that makes it more interactive; exposes players to the best of the best; and it can potentially strengthen your gaming abilities. But the main allure to Twitch (along with other streaming services) offers their users, both streamers and viewers alike, a community. It’s a community that you can be part of without leaving your home.

Twitch and Charity

This has always been very true, and the Twitch community is remarkable in one particular way: charity. According to Twitch, since 2011, $145 million dollars has been raised – just by streamers – for charity. There are even charity streams where literally millions of dollars for different charities are raised.

With Coronavirus, Twitch’s strong community has grown not just in numbers, but in it’s attraction, which is fairly apparent: It’s at home, most streamers are free to watch, and you can easily chat with friends you know in real life, or people who you may have never met, but that you know from gaming.

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Twitch is a Community, Especially During the Pandemic

Streamer Sister Kristy says “you can build your own little community and people join in with you daily and you really get to know them, and everyone is super nice!” The sense of community that the pandemic has caused many of us to lose are now forming in online platforms. This includes IG, TikTok, and of course online streaming services.

Plus, Twitch is essentially the sports that we are all missing out on. Instead of watching basketball or playing football afterwork, people can now come together in a sportsmanlike way. There are even Esports, where a viewer can watch live tournaments and the best streamers playing.

The strong community seen within Twitch is in no doubt driving it’s success during the pandemic.

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