Stephen Claybourn: The Performance Coach Who Helps Take Your Business and Your Life to the Next Level

We live in a time and age in which people are constantly looking to better themselves and reach success–whether personal or professional. Many have taken advantage of their experience, their failures, and their successes to guide others in their journey. They provide coaching to businesses or individuals to better themselves and achieve their goals. Stephen Claybourn is one of those experts.

Claybourn is a mindset and performance coach who took everything he learned the hard way to coach business owners and executives. His main goal is to help them take their companies and their personal life to the next level. For him, “it’s not about winning–my clients are already winning. It’s about dominating because they know they can win even bigger. I take them to that next level.”

His journey began with weight loss. To him, it was not just about losing weight, but about conquering his inner demons, taking control of his mind, self-discovery, and empowerment. He has taken this experience and applied it to every area of his life because “the strategies and methods I have adopted haven’t solely allowed me to reach my health goals, but have fundamentally changed the way I approach my business, being a husband, a father, a friend, and a leader.” This perspective of taking one win in your life and letting it impact other aspects of it is what he teaches his clients.

With BTL Life, Claybourn offers executives, teams, and organizations, next-level performance coaching and consulting. What he does is help them identify where they want to go, and he outlines the exact steps to take. The greatest thing about his services is he coaches and consults based on his insight and perspective from many years of building and selling multiple businesses, as well as balancing family, health, and marriage.

His business is based on three very important concepts. Number one, coaching because reaching that next level requires massive action, an objective perspective, and accountability. Number two, consulting to know which steps to take and how to do so. And number three, a mindset that allows you to balance health, relationships, and work in order to avoid sacrificing certain aspects of your life to reach success. These concepts stand by Claybourn’s belief that people deserve to have it all and should never be satisfied with anything less. From his experience and his knowledge, he tells his clients they can have a successful business, a thriving marriage, and lasting relationships with family and friends. Finding that balance is exactly what he describes as “the next level.”

Stephen Claybourn is a great example of turning your life around and finding success. Throughout his weight loss journey and thanks to his experience as a businessman, he has been able to create a wonderful enterprise to guide other businesspeople and executives. His coaching and consulting help them reach the next level, balancing every aspect of their life while becoming the successful people they have always aspired to be.

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