Mike Giannulis Discusses How to Make a Boutique Store Pop

When you are operating a boutique store, you already know how much multi-tasking matter, for your kind of business. There are many aspects to make your boutique profitable and therefore, you need to master the best tactics to make your business pop.

According to an article published in https://www.huffpost.com, there are many ways to improve the experience of your customers at your store. Once they step out of their homes and saunter into your brick-and-mortar store, your emphasis should be on outstanding customer service. When you take care of your buyers, they will take care of your business by purchasing stuff from your store.

First, you need to ensure that your boutique staff should be available to a customer when he or she needs someone to assist the purchase or make a choice. All this is essential to boost sales consistently so that you can stand out from the rest of the boutiques near you. Here is how:

Mike Giannulis discusses the implementation of new marketing tactics

Regrettably, expecting that news about your boutique will spread fast isn’t always true. Fret not. That is because there are difficulties in every business. Instead of expecting word-of-mouth publicity will work, spend some of your dollars in new marketing strategies to drive quality traffic to your boutique on the street, as well as to your website.

If your existing marketing tactics are not working as expected, it is time to brainstorm and use the drawing board. Implement new strategies such as Facebook paid promotion and even running ads in a local daily. Once you tried some of these techniques, use the best that works for your boutique.

Think of some loyalty program

Try to pique audience interest by using some kind of loyalty program. Your return customers trust your boutique, and when they are delighted, they will tell their friends, relatives, and coworkers about your boutique and products. This way, your business name will spread and customers would stop by your boutique when they figure out that your store is selling discounted coffee mugs.

Make your business active on apps

These days, you need to make additional sales besides in-person sales. You can create social media pages of your boutique on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms to create awareness about your brand and products. Again, you can use retail-based apps to boost sales. These applications will give you one or more platforms to promote your goods and this helps you to reach out to your customers, who might not have been aware of your boutique all this time. Then, you will need to maintain all your store’s social pages so that buyers can return and check on the boutique page.

Use more working capital

There are times when you need to spend some more money to make more wealth. Then, if your boutique does not have the required funding, it will become a challenge. That is the reason why you need to apply for more working capital.

These days, there are many banks, Fintech, and other lending firms to provide retailers with business loans to scale operations. The moment you have more funding for your boutique, you can afford expenses like buying new stock, hiring more staff, as well as establishing another boutique in a different location. Mike Giannulis therefore, considers working capital as the lifeline of small businesses.

Appreciate consumer feedback

Always ask your boutique customers to leave feedback about in-store assistance, convenience in finding the products, staff manners, and things like that. Create a simple form with the customer name, email, mobile number, and feedback or comments for your buyers to fill. This way, you will understand the good and weak areas of your business, and improve on the same.

Positive feedback is good for your store and negative comments help you to improve your business. Customer polls and questionnaires are effective in determining what your buyers like or dislike about your business or products. Focus on the feedback and suggestions to make further improvements. Today, you need to exceed customer expectations and not just fulfill the same.

If your customers ask for more of a certain type of product, keep them in stock. If they are facing issues ordering online, address those concerns. The feedback will help your boutique improve further and customers would feel thankful when they realize that you are taking their suggestions seriously, and not just for the sake of it.

Organize sales

You might have noticed that even big brands organize huge sales that make them sell their products fast. You can do the same thing. You can pique buyer interest by asking them to visit your boutique or online store to buy the best deals. The sale will let you trade your excess products quickly so that you can earn revenues and improve your bottom line. It helps the store owner as well as customers, as they can purchase what they want and you make money.

Recruit skilled employees

When customers saunter into your boutique, they expect to receive a special experience. It is something that several departmental outlets as well as other branded stores fail to provide. When your staff delights your patrons with a custom or personalized experience, your customers will like your brand and buy your products. Now, this is only possible when you hire knowledgeable, courteous, and well-mannered employees to pamper your customers whenever they visit your store.

Besides in-store service, you need to focus on internet sales as well. Hire someone so that he or she can manage all online orders fast and effectively. Just like in-store customers, your online buyers deserve the same kind of treatment and assistance from your gracious staff. Therefore, never recruit employees who are unskilled or inexperienced. It matters a lot.

Involve yourself in local events

Build strong relationships with your local customers by participating in events. You can run a booth and host a customer admiration event. It will help you to interact with your buyers, in-person and once they feel that they can trust your business; they will turn into your loyal patrons.


You can run a successful boutique if you apply some or all of these strategies. It would help you to boost sales and make money.

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