Looking Back At The Changing TV Landscape Of 2010

Ten years ago, the TV landscape was very different. Especially since the landscape was really just TV. Streaming networks weren’t really a thing yet. You could watch stuff online, sure. I distinctively remember watching episodes of, say, The Office the day after they aired. However, the original content wasn’t really there yet. That makes this look back at the TV landscape of 2010 a bit of a blast from the past. One that still feels fresh enough to be not totally foreign to the current landscape.

This was not a notable year for debuts. This was the season of Shit My Dad Says turning into a sitcom. That was notable, because a popular Twitter feed had been turned into a show, but it was not a good show. In 2010 many of us were introduced to a future star in Melissa McCarthy, albeit through the mediocre sitcom Mike and Molly. The only debut shows that really grab me are Sherlock, a critically-acclaimed show that brought us Benedict Cumberbatch, and Conan. Yes, in 2010 Conan O’Brien, fresh off the Tonight Show  fiasco, returned to TV on TBS, where he still is.

Meanwhile, my second-favorite show ever, Futurama, made its second return. This time, it was to Comedy Central. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, we got some good episodes, and a couple great episodes. On the other hand, the FOX run of Futurama was nearly perfect, and the Comedy Central run was not up to that level. They had some episodes that were straight-up not good. Overall, though, I’m at peace with it.

In 2010, we bid farewell to King of the Hill, which seems crazy. That show debuted in 1997! It was on for a long time. Many, many years of reasonably funny comedy. Scrubs also ended, but I never really liked that show.

A decade ago, TV sort of flopped. There weren’t many notable shows added to our lives. There was late night chaos. I feel like the world of late night never recovered fully from the Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien thing. Although, there’s probably another reason for late night taking a dip. We were moving toward the streaming world, the on-demand world. Celebrities were all over social media. Suddenly, talk shows didn’t have the same cache. There will not only never be another Johnny Carson, there will never be another Conan O’Brien.

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