How to Clean an Induction Cooktop

No kitchen can be complete without the addition of a good induction cooktop. These fancy looking cooktops can make your life easy, and they look great too! Everyone prefer induction cooking over traditional gas cooking.

Induction cooktops are very easy to clean, that is why many homeowners prefer them over their alternatives. Cleaning and maintenance properly maintaining an induction cooktop is very important if you want to keep your kitchen, and hence your house looking clean.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your induction cooktop clean.

Use Specialized Cleaners

Before going full DIY and making your own detergent, you can look up in the market for some great cleaning products specially made to clean the induction cooktops. These cleaners have a thick consistency. However, you should never buy an inexpensive cleaner that is not sold as an induction cooktop cleaner. Those cleaners can cause damage to your cooktop.

The cooktop cleaners also come with a protective coating. So, you can apply the cleaning solution to your cooktop before using it for the first time. This will make cleaning afterwards easy for you.

Using this type of cleaners, us also relatively easy. You can simply put a few drops on the cooktop and rub it with a paper tower for even application. You can safely use the cleaning solution everyday.

Turn It Off Properly

This might look like an obvious thing to do, but many homeowners often make the mistake of not turning the cooktop off before cleaning. This usually happens because cooktop uses induction to only heat the metals.

The induction technology might lead you into believing that the cooktop is safe to clean even when it is on. But that is not the case, and you should not leave yourself with even the slightest chance of a burn injury. Certain metallic accessories usually cause the cooktop to activate, amd hence, you can injure yourself severely.

Additionally, you should not have any utensils and pots laying around before starting the cleaning process. As these pots can be hot enough to cause burn damage.

For Light Stains

For burned things and light stains, you should apply some drops of your specialist cleaning liquid onto the cooktop. Now, use the cleaning cloth to gently remove all the residue. Do not apply pressure unless necessary. If the stains do not go away after the first application, reapply the liquid and clean the cooktop again.

When cleaning, never use the clothes with rough surfaces, as they might damage the cooktop’s surface. Forget about using abrasive things like steel wool. These things can leave small permanent Mark’s on your cooktop, and can make the cooktop lot harder to clean later on.

For Tough Stains

For tougher stains and marks on your cooktop, you can use a sharp razor blade scraper. These should be available at any good hardware store.

Using the scrapper, you can apply some pressure to remove the tough stains from your cooktop. Do not use a dull blade, because these blades can cause serious damage to your cooktop’s surface.

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