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5 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Pool

Spending some quality time in a swimming pool is a great way to relax your body. But things like mosquitos can make the experience annoying. Getting rid of the mosquitos is the one and only legit way of enjoying your pool time to the fullest.

There are several helpful ways of keeping the mosquitos away from your pool. Here are some of the best ways to get rid of mosquitos when you are enjoying in the swimming pool.

Use A Repellent

Before going for swimming, you can buy and apply a waterproof mosquito repellant to your skin. Note that this would not keep the mosquitos away, but you will feel relaxed because the mosquitos would not be able to bite you.

Waterproof mosquito repellents can be bought for a really cheap price.

Trace and Kill The Larvae

For the best results, you should kill the mosquitos when they are still in the larvae stage. This is easy to do because mosquitos would not be able to run away at this stage.

However, if you let the larvae grow into adult mosquitos, they will be way more difficult to manage for you. There are lots of tricks out there that can help you kill the mosquitos when they are still in the larvae state.

Keep Water Clean

Old water standing in the pool can serve as a breeding ground for mosquitos. So, it will be best for you to remove the standing dirty water from your pool. Additionally, check to see if you have standing water in some pool toys. After that, remember to always dry the toys after using them in the pool and do not let any water keep standing in them.

Especially, keep the sides of your pool clean and away from any quantity of standing water in the rainy season. You can do that by filling out any potholes around the pool.

Remove the Food Source

The food you consume can prove as a food for mosquitos to feed on. This can accelerate the whole process. So, act now and remove any organic debris around the pool. Additionally, shady areas can act as a shade for mosquitos to hide in. They cannot survive in the hot sunlight. That is why you can also check under these areas for any hidden mosquitos and their larvae.

Cover the Pool and Maintain Temperature

When you are not using your pool, make sure the cover it completely to avoid any mosquito breeding. Solar Pool covers actually have lots of benefits. They can also prevent the water chemicals from evaporating, hence keeping it clean and usable for a longer time.

However, keep in mind that water will accumulate on the pool cover in the rainy season. So, keep cleaning the pool regularly to get rid of the stagnant standing water.

These were some of the easiest ways of keeping mosquitos away from your pool. You should apply them right away if you are facing a mosquito problem around your pool area.

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