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Jamal Ayomiku Bradley, popularly known as ‘JamalTheCreator’ is a popular talent across social media platforms, specifically YouTube. He grew up bouncing around between childhood homes in both the trap-notorious Southside of Atlanta, and the rough, crime-ridden Westside of Dayton, Ohio. He is said to have lived in the neighboring house of Katt Williams childhood residence in Dayton. Growing up, Jamal would often be told by peers to pursue a career in comedy as he would always found himself at the center of attention by making jokes and being a class-clown. Throughout his school years, his jokes and graphic behavior would often land him to constantly get expelled, leading him to change schools over 14 times. Not to mention the fact that he was in and out of jail since the age of 15.

During his years at New Manchester High School in suburban Atlanta, he teamed up with his neighbor and high school classmate Dwayne to join the YouTube channel now known as ‘ShlideTV’. His friend had already established the platform and had a low following, before Jamal followed along. Jamal would feature in videos from time to time, as he was more focused on earning money through scamming at the time. Eventually, he featured in a soon-to-be hit video ‘Hotel Ding Dong Ditch’ that was posted on the channel in June of 2018. On June 24th, shortly after that video was uploaded, JamalTheCreator was arrested on charges of Felony Aggravated Assault in Douglasville, Georgia after an altercation with gang members. After serving two months in jail, and house arrest, he was released while his case was pending.

The morning after his release, JamalTheCreator traveled to Los Angeles to link up with co-creator Dwayne for a film weekend. He was looking to make a change in his life, so he decided to take his craft more seriously. The next day, they woke up to their first 1-Million viewed video, on a Walmart prank titled “Throwing Rice on Strangers”. Since then, the duo had buzz and began upload a series of mischievous, yet hilarious pranks on YouTube’s platform.

They uploaded non-stop viral hits such as “Hotel Ding Dong Ditch Pt 2”, “Gallon Smashing Fails”, and “Nerf War vs Strangers”, which have garnered them millions of views separately and combined. Eventually, management-powerhouse Studio71, reached out to the duo, and they successfully negotiated a contract on behalf of the channel. They continued to gain buzz, and started working with big names such as the BackPack Kid, and NoahMadeSMK.

After a while, the two began racking up store ban’s and trespasses. Then after an attempt at filming Hotel Ding Dong Ditch Pt 3, they were arrested for suspected stalking and attempted burglary charges. Upon release, the two cut ties due to creative differences and legal issues.

Since then, JamalTheCreator has started his own channel titled after his name, ‘JamalTheCreator’. Because of his previous success on other channels, his new project became an instant hit. Jamal has also started to turn to more of the entrepreneurial side of the media business by launching his own creative management company, Renascent Artistry. He has already signed himself, along with a few influencer’s to work on areas of PR and Brand Development. He said that he plans on learning the media business in depth to launch other projects and gain opportunities in the future.

From many of his content pieces, JamalTheCreator gets much of his inspiration from other creators and comedians like,PontiacMadeDDG, Poudii, Danny Duncan, Adam Sandler, and Dave Chappelle. In a recent video, he stated that he has hopes to work with some of the mentioned entertainers in the near future. Not only is he a Youtuber, but also plans to enter the music scene and film industry when he becomes more established. JamalTheCreator has big plans ahead of him and wont let his past get in the way of his future, but fuel him for success.

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