Laura Egocheaga On How To Achieve Rapid Growth Advertising on Social Media

Social media is a great way to improve your advertising. But how do you achieve rapid growth advertising on social media? We had a chat with Laura Egocheaga to learn how a business can achieve rapid growth advertising on social media. 

Strategies to Achieve Rapid Growth on Social Media 

Laura is an expert in brand rapid growth advertising. She explains that the main step towards achieving rapid growth on social media is understanding the sales funnel. A profitable social media sales funnel is one that seeks to establish a connection with its clients. Today’s customers like being consumers. However, people don’t like being sold to. Therefore, social media sales funnel helps you understand your buyer’s journey and psychology at that stage. 

A business that seeks to make rapid growth on social media needs to engage with their customers as fast as possible. Both Facebook and Instagram use “engagement” as a determining factor of the content that gets displayed. As such, from the onset, your content needs to be authoritative, shareable, and relevant. 

At the beginning of the sales funnel, your target audience makes up the cold traffic. Laura states that you can convert this ice-cold audience using authoritative content, for instance, a Forbes article where you talk about a relevant topic. Maybe your business featured on TechCrunch or Huffington Posts. When you share such content on social media, you communicate to your audience that you are a pillar of authority in your niche. Content that puts your brand as an authority leader will help you achieve rapid growth on social growth. 

Social media marketing also requires businesses to find creative ways to delight their target audience. 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend that brand to their friends and family. Laura notes that you can create a positive experience by sharing stories that resonate with your brand. One popular strategy involves developing video content during the holidays. Even at this time of COVID-19, brands can create content that reminds their target audience that they are still omnipresent. 

Social media ads are another way that companies achieve rapid growth in social media. In the last two years, Laura spent 10 million dollars profitably on Facebook. This strategy helped her return 75 million in sales for her clients. This serial entrepreneur believes in the power of social media ads. However, she states that a business needs to create a social media strategy before investing in paid ads. The company needs to identify the social media platforms that most of its target audience utilizes. Once they identify the platform that performs well organically, they can run a social ad campaign. 

Ever considered using Messenger bots in advertising? Facebook Messenger is expanding rapidly in terms of functionality and reach. As such, businesses cannot afford to ignore the benefits of Messenger in their marketing. You can use the app to communicate the latest product releases or events. Such messages, if done correctly, help create loyalty among the target audience. 

Laura notes that if you make an offer and your audience does not take up on that offer, you should consider remarketing. You can literally talk to your clients and explain to them where they are stuck on the sales funnel. You can tell the client, “Hey, I noticed that you didn’t take up my offer. Could you kindly give me a comment on what’s stopping you or what you feel would make you like our product?” Laura notes that such an approach makes your clients feel humanized instead of feeling like they are another statistic. 

About Laura Egochela 

Laura is an award-winning marketer and author of the best-seller, “The Small Business Guide to Social Media Marketing.” She has had a passion for entrepreneurship from an early age, for instance, while in high school, she started a side hassle in Affiliate marketing. Laura realized that the internet space had so much potential after making her first $20K in 6 months in 2011. 

Presently, Laura is the Founder and Owner of a digital marketing agency known as Viral Growth Media. This agency is one of the top 5 leading agencies in the country. Viral Growth Media provides its clients with “customer-on-demand” systems that will help them achieve massive growth in the market. 

How has your journey been in achieving growth on social media? Kindly share your experience with us in the comments section. 

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