From the Emptiness : Everything you need to know

From the Emptiness

This fantastic story is the mixture of two worlds who are opposite in their views and believes. O.T Babalola, the writer of the novel, presents all the characters in a different but unique way where every character is special and important, especially, Zeus and Hades, two ancient gods. They are playing the prime roles in it.

The debut novel of the O.T Babalola, “From the Emptiness” is a really great fantasy tale between a numbers of dimensions where the world of two different lives faces adversaries that test their future. The book describes the story from the time when Hades and Zeus were together as brothers and the power that “The Austere Time of the Crystal” where the lives of young people are attacked and rattled by a greater power.

You can’t neglect the mature writing of the author that you can’t expect from the fresh writer on his debut publication. Today, we are going to discuss some of the essential elements that make From the Emptiness: The Austere Time of the Crystalit an all-rounder book. Let’s have a look.

Some Elements are including:

1.      Fantasy:

It’s a fantasy-based story that means there is no any relation of the reality and the storyline. It’s also the same as we used to watch Barbie’s stories and other fairytales etc. In short, the story never based on any real events; therefore, the writer adds all the spice and trill to make it more interesting.

2.      Science fiction:

Fantasy and science fiction can create wonders, and this is the reason the author add a fantasy ad to make it more exciting and reliable, advance science creates a wonder that influences the reader.

3.      Ancient Gods:

We used to read about different Gods, but Zeus and Hades are the principal characters of the story. It will make the tale more interesting because the two brother rules the world, but in this tale, an external power came between both brothers and here start another story that is full of suspense, thrill and science fiction based.                          

4.      Evil and good:

The story tells us the power of light and darkness, but at the same, both entities are working and raising power. The fight between evil and good is immortal and still, continue until the end of times. So, it’s the best hobby to read best summer book in 2020. Please give it to your fellows and family and enjoy reading it in the summer.

We are waiting for your book review, and we are hoping that it will be the best-book-summer-2020 and win the title of bestseller book 2020. Now, some words for the author, he is a young boy who presents his very first effort through the fairytale book. There is no any specific information about the author, but if you are interested in reading this fantastic book, then you can order it from amazon store. Here is the link of the book on Amazon.

It is highly recommended to read this book as it is the best time to purchase and read such books that will take your thoughts and minds to another level. Please, give the review of the book after reading, and you can also add comments on the Amazon store. You will definitely love it.

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