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Day by Daybook – Putting Well-being Ahead of Productivity

The Day by Daybook( is a journal and planner all in one that puts well-being ahead of productivity. With its unique built in system, the Daybook prompts you to capture your daily mood, thoughts, activities and energy levels – all while tracking progress and accomplishing your goals.

There are three versions of the Day by Daybook: Classic, Recovery, and Teen. Each of them designed to help support you on your journey to develop healthy habits as you face the challenges of change with ease and confidence.


The Classic Day by Daybook( was designed to help you overcome challenging life transitions. Whether you’re a healthcare worker on the front lines of the COVID pandemic – struggling to stay balanced during these demanding times, facing a health crisis of your own, going through a divorce, struggling with new motherhood or simply interested in enhancing your emotional well-being – this simple system helps you stay aware, healthy and grounded during these challenging times.


The Recovery Day by Daybook ( designed specifically for those overcoming any type of addiction. Whether you’re in recovery, treatment or have simply made the decision to let go of self-destructive behaviors, the Daybook puts your well-being front and center. Providing a safe space for you to track daily highs and lows, create rituals, identify challenges, and celebrate wins as you create the life you desire.


The Teen Day by Daybook ( was designed for teenagers who are trying to sort through feelings of anxiety, fear or overwhelm. Whether you are facing challenges at school, a child of divorce, experiencing other family issues or simply trying to get a handle on what you’re feeling – The Daybook helps you navigate these emotions by identifying them and expressing them in healthy and productive ways. Providing you with the critical guidance needed to face life’s ups and downs with confidence and calm.

The Daybook prompts are its winning formula – encouraging you to reflect and course correct when needed. The daily prompts guide you to reflect on mood and energy changes throughout your day. The weekly prompts guide you to look back on the previous week and set your intentions for the week to come and finally, the monthly prompts guide you to set intentions and identify potential challenges you may face moving forward.

Whichever Daybook version you choose, it’s unique system guides you throughout to identify patterns you may otherwise miss and make the shifts necessary to lead you to success. If you’re interested in taking your self-awareness and success to the next level, give the Day by Daybook a try.

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