Sick and tired of clamor all around during the summer break?  Need ideas for keeping your children occupied during the vacations?

Breaks can be a wonderful period to connect with your kids and perhaps even let your internal child come out. But it can undeniably be a hectic time when children can be naughty because of tediousness. It’s best to start planning in advance, take some time out, and start planning each week accordingly. If parents know what they want to do with their kids and how they are planning to spent time with them it will make both, kids and parents gladder and unperturbed. Virtual camp can be a great idea to reconnect with your kids, considering the current situation, Entire world is suffering through a pandemic which is a dangerous and traumatizing situation for all. Therefore, in this article, we have gathered several ways to keep your children engaged during their sabbaticals.

Create your specific games and past times: Get yourself some art supplies and create fun games with your children, games like snake and ladders, Uno, etc. this can all be easily made at home.

Cooking: Involve your children from the beginning when you cook or bake at least once a week. Ask what they want to eat, ask them to help you with the recipe and ingredients.

Indoor camping: It’s extremely easy to build a tent with coverlets and sheets indoors. Once the tent is built, trust us, you won’t see your children around for hours.

Draw and Paint: This is one of the finest ways to show and see your child’s creativity, get yourself some art supplies, and large sheets. To avoid the mess, cover your space with some plastic sheets or newspapers. This will encourage the child to draw and see things through their perspective which will also help parents to comprehend what’s going on in their kid’s minds. 

Arrange a fortune or treasure hunt game: Create a map with hints for your children to find out prizes hidden in your garden or your back yard. This can prove to be a very exciting game for your kids and will keep them engaged for hours. Not just that, this game will also force and encourage them to use their minds which will eventually make them stronger, sharper, and smarter.

Walk towards the countryside: Take a walk towards the countryside, on the beach, whatever is reachable and accessible. Ask your children to collect stones and shells with you on the beach. Ask them to look for different bugs, insects, plants, or trees when walking in the countryside or forest. This will not only keep them busy but will also not let them get bored so promptly.

Arrange playdates: Invite their friends over for a lunch or evening Hi-tea party. This will keep them busy for several hours, which will let parents have a few hours to themselves and they can get their important errands done meanwhile and the kids will also have a fun time. Let’s not talk about the after-party mess!

Have a day off: Not just parents but the kids will also want some time lazing around after all these activities. Let them read books and watch some television during this time. Take it sluggishly.

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