5 SEO Best Practices to Follow in 2020

The SEO landscape is very dynamic. While some things always stay the same (put relevant keywords in the title, clean text hierarchy, etc.), others are always changing. It is therefore not surprising that in 2020 many new SEO trends will present the online marketing world with new facts.

Following are the five best SEO practices to follow in 2020:

1. Snippets are becoming increasingly important

Another way to stand out from the competition in terms of SEO is rich or featured snippets.

Rich snippets are clippings that, in addition to title and description, also contain images, stars for reviews, prices for products, and more. Rich snippets are generally easier to generate, but they also have lower CTR conversions compared to a featured snippet. However, using rich snippets, your search result will take root significantly more than it would in the case of an ordinary search result. Generating a snippet at all is unfortunately not easy.

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2. Automation will not give way in 2020 either

Google has been using algorithms for years to improve the user-friendliness of search and to avoid keyword- spam websites. In 2020, with the latest Google algorithm called BERT, this will be more important than ever.

As far as we know, Google prioritizes three SEO components: First, neural matching, which determines the meaning of the query. Second, RankBrain plays an important role, which adapts the SERPs and is based on collected user data. Last but not least, there is now the BERT algorithm, which is used to analyze the structure of a search and focuses on the keyword context.

3. Unique Content

What do teachers and search engines have in common? They don’t like copying. That is why Google works hard to ensure that only unique content achieves good rankings. Likewise, this means that what has been written off will never appear on page one.

Copied content is called duplicate content in search engine optimization. This duplicated content is not just a borrowed article from another blog.

With double content, you can make life unnecessarily difficult for yourself. For example, if several of your pages deal with the same topic with the same text, your website will eat up the good rankings itself. But that’s not all, your content not only has to be unique, it also has to offer your readers added value. That is why you should always try to add value to your readers. Otherwise, you can also read about it from your competitors.

4. Subheading in H2 tags

Properly formatted subheadings in H2 tags offer you two important advantages:

Your readers get a good overview of the topics in your text. You can skim over it without any problems and find the answer to your question.

Search engine crawlers can understand what your site is about much more easily. The better Google understands the structure of your page, the better for your rankings.

5. Local SEO is constantly changing

A large number of the above “Zero-Click-Search” comes from local searches. These results are displayed in the so-called Local Packs. But in the case of mobile devices, a single Local Pack takes up more space as all the SERPs than users.

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