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Years from now, we might look back and try to pinpoint exactly when Dashous Clayy became one of the best rappers working, and wonder how we missed it at the time. Dashous Clayy was born in Camden, New Jersey, USA. He is well acclaimed hip-hop/rap artist. He is enlightening the rap industry for more than 8 years and made his debut in 2012 with JerseySouthDown: 856 Forever which was highly anticipated, the South Jersey native stated he has numerous high-quality mixtapes in the chambers and is getting them ready for release, but he’s remained underrated and easily overlooked: as befits a rapper with substance in this gimmicky rap game. Dashous is extremely passionate rapper with truly something to say and hungry for more and is committed to give the game what it needs a variety with some swagger on top.

But don’t let the hype fool you: it takes ferocious inner steel to put out this much consistently good music in so little time, and the fact that he’s done so without little help but much needed focus is even more impressive. His latest release, One Man Recking Crew, displays variety and his willingness to step outside of the box. Dashous has easily transformed himself into a star, so much so that whatever he appears on his presence is truly felt. His Yachet Talk has grown into a metaphorically florid of big boy talk that it’s entered its own realm. If you’re a rapper who writes about getting money, getting past failures or getting played and bouncing back and you hear Dashous say “I only hear her when she’s talkin’ from her knees, started wit a chosen few, now they all believe…Jesus” how do you even begin to respond?


His fly talk combined with mind blowing references to recent events is just simply brilliant, à la “I think of Heavy D and even Don Cornelius, he blows out his brains, ex still got them millions, these bitches living foul, what happen to them vowels, Elevation keep me from looking down’.” He will keep your head spinning more times than not.

Indeed, Dashous is here to stay for sure as long as he stays hungry which he insures he will. In the mist of his battles with superficial things in Everything Foreign he gives you a glimpse,”I swear Invictas were created for a better view/Repubilca’s provided the vision homey as I grew/ Frontstep dreams blue print for the revenue/Life came with drastic measures we already knew/It took numerous prayers, to get us through.” Hopefully lyrics as he demonstrates his growth towards manhood and prominence.


He is building a movement, one into which he settles more comfortably each year. It’s a technique he might have soaked up by following the likes of Curren$y and Kanye West. Like Curren$y, Dashous is refining the contours of his tiny universe so that it resembles no one else’s. His point is still being defined but trust he will well known soon. The Incredible End dependence Conference Music Group will see to that….in the words of Dashous Clayy Put Them Dashous in the check **gga, Enough SAID.


  “Jesus In Giuseppe’s”

‘Jesus In Giussppe’s’ is an upcoming project of  clayy’s  which is produced exclusively by ‘Nicholas Craven’ . Keeping in mind his previous work it can be concluded that it will be inspiring and innovative, many fans are waiting to be entertained throughout the world with his upcoming releases.

And the rapper says that “Juss Bo had referred to me before Griselda got signed by Eminem Westside Gunn benny the butcher and Conway I was able to hear some of their music and it really inspired me to do something different with mine. And then when I heard ransoms two EPs that he did with Nicholas Craven they’re really pushing me to go in this direction.”

Overall, Dashous is innovative and  adapting to new methods in the rap game and is inspiration to many people who listen to his music and follow his footsteps. He achieved it all with his ongoing struggle and constancy.


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