Pros and Cons of Dating Online

We solve a wide variety of tasks via the Internet, from the simplest household ones like ordering products with delivery to very specific and responsible ones, like finding narrow specialists for work and doing business. However, the Internet has a romantic side as well: love on the Internet is as common as finding shoes or purebred puppies.

But before you go into the virtual world in search of a partner, you should evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of this method.


Lie or misrepresentation

One of the main benefits of communication is expected to be anonymity. As they say, on the Internet no one knows that you are a cat. Even when finding a very interesting and pleasant interlocutor, always keep in mind that not everything that they say about themselves is necessarily true.

Unjustified expectations

People believe that if some person turns out to be nice, they start idealizing. Offline the problem is solved by a personal meeting, but on the Web everything is somewhat more complicated. And the longer the distance communication takes place, the stronger and higher our expectations are. As a consequence, the disappointment will be awfully painful.

Inappropriate content

Unfortunately, not everyone wants to observe even the basic principles of ethics in communicating on the Internet. Sometimes, instead of an offer to meet or a simple compliment, you can get an unpleasant message. Sometimes it contains obscene content, ranging from simply obscene remarks or sentences, ending with photographs of 18+ content. This is a fairly common situation for the resources with a very large audience.

Risks when disclosing personal information

This is important in respect of any resource, where you provide your personal information. But if information for various social networks is limited by the questionnaire that you fill out, when meeting new people, it is you who determines the boundaries of your frankness.

Here we recommend you not to rush when sharing your place of work, residence, cars and financial situation. Your interlocutor may not be at all who he or she claims to be (see Paragraph 1).

High competitiveness. Especially among men

If we talk about specialized dating resources, the largest of them registered tens of millions of users. Naturally, this means that the competition is quite high. Of course, some of the accounts are “dead.” Some people fail to fill out their data very carefully with low-quality photographs. But the rest of the users, like you, purposefully registered on the website to look for and build relationships, and try to do everything possible for this.

The issue of competition concerns men, since usually the number of men on dating websites is greater compared to the number of women, which is on average 6 to 4.


Well, we have talked about the cons. It’s time to talk about the main advantages of dating on the Internet. 

A huge number of services, platforms, and apps

Among 8000 dating services, it’s quite impossible not to find a single one which works for you. Users can choose from a wide variety of thematic resources, from classic dating websites with a mixed audience to narrowly targeted people of a certain orientation, religion, sphere of interest. 

A big audience of people who are looking for the same thing as you do

What is the chance that the person you meet on the street is also looking for a partner? Let’s say 50 to 50: either yes or no, it depends on your luck. If you turn to a random person on a dating website, the chance that your goals and desires coincide, tends to be 100%. Because all these people also came there to get acquainted, communicate, and build relationships.

A chance to learn a person «beforehand»

Most social services include a fairly detailed questionnaire that each user must fill out as basic functionality. Naturally, some may not do it in good faith. But in most cases, this makes it possible to “get to know” a person, to learn about their hobbies, interests, goals before starting communication.

In this case, the choice of the interlocutor and the potential partner becomes much more objective and balanced: you can understand if you have anything in common, besides just sympathy and attraction.


It’s trite to say so, but it’s true. Meeting a large number of people on the Internet takes much less time than dating offline.

One evening you can start communication or chat through a webcam with a dozen people, and remain completely conscious after that. A similar result in real life can be obtained only during speed dating. But it is a whole other question of how you will feel after this.

And finally…

Generally, the pros of online dating are much more significant than the cons if you are cautious and keep your expectations under control which is confirmed by more than 70% of people who have used dating websites. Therefore, we can confidently say the following: it’s worth a try!

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