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Who is not excited about the NASCAR cup series 2020? The cup series is going to start on 15 July 2020. People are already asking for the best ways to watch NASCAR All-Star Cup Series 2020.

Due to the Covid-19 interruption, many people won’t be able to join the venue for watching NASCAR 2020. Besides, the broadcasting channels are increasing. So, you can surely enjoy NASCAR 2020.

Today, I am here to inform you about the most possible ways to enjoy NASCAR 2020 car racing series. I will discuss cable, non-cable, VPN, online, and other ways. So, keep reading the article “How to watch NASCAR All-Star Cup Series 2020.

What is NASCAR car racing?

The American company NASCAR’s full meaning is the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. From the name, it is clear that this company is associated with stock-car racing. It is a private company established in 1948 by Bill France Sr.

Nascar authorizes more than 1500 races every year in different states of the USA. It also sanctions races on different tracks of Canada, Mexico, and Europe. In 2018, Bill France Sr.’s son Jim France became the CEO of the company. Now he is conducting the races to fulfill many racers’ dreams.

In early 1947 Bill France noticed potentials in some racing competitors. So he decided to found the ‘National Championship Stock Car Circuit’ and took financial support from the American Automobile Association. Finally, in 1948, he ended up founding NASCAR on Daytona Beach, Florida. Now NASCAR has numerous sanctioned series which take part in races every year.

Will the NASCAR Cup Series be broadcast in 4k?

The NASCAR lovers are gladly waiting for the upcoming NASCAR All-Star Cup Series. Many of us will enjoy it staying out home. So, there is a big question, “Will Nascar CUP Series 2020 be broadcast in 4k?”

The answer is Yes. It will broadcast in 4k. So, it is time to enjoy a great time in high-quality graphics.

How to Watch NASCAR Cup Series 2020

There are plenty of ways to watch the NASCAR 2020 All-Star Cup Series. I will describe one by one.

How to Watch NASCAR Cup Series 2020 with Cable?

The easiest way to enjoy any tournament is but taking the help of the cable operators. You can get access to NASCAR All-Star Cup having some common sports channels. As will happen in the USA, you will get easily get many channels.

Many channels are waiting to get permission to broadcast NASCAR 2020. They can earn a big revenue by telecasting it. There will be at least 3-4 channels to broadcast NASCAR.

I will give you the list of the channel, they will show NASCAR. You have to check out them on your TV. If you don’t have the channels on your phone, you have to talk to the cable operators. They will refresh and bring back the channels.

In the worst case, your cable may not have particular channels. Then you have to change it or switch to the digital antenna. Digital antenna contains a huge number of channels. So, you will get any of the channels that will telecast NASCAR All-Star Cup Series 2020.

Now I am showing some channels’ names. Some of them are officially in a deal with Nascar. If you have those channels on your TV then you have no tension about Nascar 2020.

  • FOX
  • FS1

How to Watch NASCAR 2020 Series in the USA?

We know the venue of NASCAR 2020 in the USA. So, enjoying NASCAR living in the USA will be way much easier than in other countries.

There are a good number of channels in the USA to show NASCAR 2020. FOX Sports is the official broadcaster of NASCAR. You can easily watch it on your TV.

Of you are not using a TV then you need to be a subscriber of the channel. You can enjoy it using your phone or laptop. Just sign in to your account and keep watching.

There are some pirate sites. They also telecast different sports. You may find NASCAR in their telecasting list. It is not easy to find such sites. Besides, there is no guarantee.

So, I suggest finding the channels on your TV set. This will be the best way to enjoy NASCAR 2020 Cup Series.

How to Watch NASCAR Cup Series without Cable?

You have no security of TV channels. Some people watch matches during work or journey. So, it is essential to find a way to watch the NASCAR series without cable.

Don’t worry, I have the solution for you. There are some live-streaming apps and sites. They will telecast NASCAR 2020 live in their platform. The fact is, you have to create an account to enjoy racing series in such sites.

Most of the time they require dollars per month for access. Some of them provide a free trial. If you need to watch just 1/2 matches then you can use the free trials for free.

Here I am showing the name of such streaming applications.

  • Sling TV
  • Fubo TV
  • YouTube TV
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu with Live TV
  • AT&T TV Now
  • PlayStation Vue

How to Watch NASCAR 2020 Using VPN?

VPNs are getting popular day by day. In case of watching different tournaments, VPN is really useful for them who don’t have proper access.

The USA people may think, “How can it be possible?” Yes, in some countries, you don’t have proper access to most of the TV channels. Due to Geo blocked they can’t watch many popular sports and series. In those cases, VPNs are the best solution.

You can download any popular VPN. It will change your IP. So you will get access to any channel. Most of the VPNs are paid. But there are some free VPNs. If you have enough money I suggest you get any paid VPN. If you don’t want to waste then find for the free VPNs.

Here I am showing, how to install a VPN and watch NASCAR Cup Series 2020.

Step 1: Search in Google

Google is the best way to find anything. Just write a free VPN / Paid VPN in Google.

Step 2: Download and Install

Now click on any popular VPN. Download the VPN and install it to your phone or PC.

Step 3: Run and Create Account

Now install the VPN and create an account in the VPN. You may need to fill up some boxes. Fill them properly and successfully create an account.

Step 4: Select USA IP and Enjoy

Now it’s time to connect. Connect VPN and change the country. Change it to the USA for getting all the channels available in the USA. Now, keep enjoying NASCAR Cup Series 2020.

How to Watch NASCAR 2020 using DNS Proxies?

DNS proxies are known as the bypass of geo-location. Most of the VPNs require dollars to run them. Some people are not interested to cost any dollar. For them, DNS proxies are the best option.

DNS proxies are completely free. You can watch NASCAR fully free using this. But the fact is, it is a bit complex to use.

You can get some guidelines on Google. You have to follow their instructions to use free DNS proxies to watch NASCAR All-Star Cup Series 2020.

How to watch 2020 NASCAR Series On Radio

It is another fun to enjoy any match on the radio. Many people still use radio to hear different programs. NASCAR 2020 cup series will be telecasted on the radio as well.

The American Radio Station is taking bids from different radio channels. So there is a big possibility to telecast it on the radio. The coverage area of the radio is vast enough. If you are in the USA then you must get a chance to enjoy NASCAR using the radio.

2020 NASCAR Cup Overview

The NASCAR cup series is the 72nd season overall from its starting journey and 49th of the modern era cup series. This cup series is going to begin again on 12th July 2020. Though it was first started in February due to the Coronavirus pandemic the date is postponed.

The NASCAR cup series was first started in 1949. Since then it is one of the top events of car racing. From 1950 to 1970 this cup series was known as the Grand National Division. NASCAR keeps changing the event’s name with the change of sponsorship. Till the last year, Monster energy was sponsoring this event by naming it as Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

But this year the event will be called only the NASCAR Cup Series. As it called off its sponsorship with Monster energy and made a deal with the premier partners. Busch Beer, Coca-Cola, GEICO, and Xfinity all together constitute the premier partners.

The champion of the cup series is chosen based on the number of points. The point system is counted upon the time of reaching the finish place and the number of laps done. First-round starts with 26 racers after that 16 drivers are chosen for the next round. It occurs in two stages and among 40 points.

NASCAR 2020 cup normal schedule was going well till 8th March. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the date was changed to May. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, from 12th July the event is going to happen in the Bristol Motor Speedway. Probably FuboTV will telecast all the races of the cup series.

What is Different in NASCAR 2020?

Well, the NASCAR cup of this year is coming with a number of changes. It is not all the same as the previous series. From the sponsorship company to the speedways, there are a lot of things that will be changed in this year’s NASCAR cup series.

The first difference with last year’s cup series is that Monster Energy is no longer connected with NASCAR. NASCAR has signed new sponsors and kept the event’s name without the tag of any company. NASCAR’s premier partner program will start with the new sponsors.

As the Covid-19 outbreak has kept the world in a standstill, there are some changes in the NASCAR cup series 2020 schedule as well. The first race of this series was held on 9th February. Till March, the races went well but after then there was a halt up to 17th May. The race began again but the fans were not permitted to present in a full capacity.

So they changed the place of race. From 15th July the cup series races will occur on the Bristol Motor Speedway instead of the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Homestead-Miami Speedway is not included in the championship speedway this year. ISM raceway near Phoenix is the new place for the championship speedway.

Apart from the above changes, there are some more. After 2004, the Xfinity Series will compete for the first time. Some familiar names have changed their teams this year. Hope all these changes will bring more fame to the NASCAR cup series.

When can You Apply for the 2020 AFL Tickets?

Gladly informing you, the NASCAR 2020 tickets are already on selling. You can visit their official websites to get the tickets. You can check for some other sites to buy tickets. So, don’t wait for more. But your tickets today.

Final Words

The article was all about the ways to watch NASCAR 2020 All-Star Cup Series. There are many ways to watch it. I have described my best to show you the ways.

I have described with cable, without cable, VPN, proxies, radio, and other ways to watch it. It is easy to watch on the TV channels.

If you don’t have access to TV cable then go for alternative ways. If you have enough money then you can buy a digital antenna or subscribe to any live-streaming apps. You Can Watch Cricket On Smartcric

Finally, you can take help from VPN and DNS proxies. To me, they are a bit complex to watch any program.

Hopefully, you will have no more confusion on the topics where to watch and how to watch NASCAR 2020 All-Star Cup Series live.

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