How to Attract a Person with Your Mind

If you have been reading wellness blogs and articles about the relationship between the universe and human beings, you probably know by now that we can use our mind to attract the life we yearn for, the success we want, the money and prosperity we want, the job we want, the business we want, and much more. We can use our mind to attract the world we want to live in, and that includes relationships. 

You can program your mind to attract a person or the love you want. it doesn’t matter if you have been unlucky in relationships or the opposite, you can condition your mind to attract a person into your life and have a healthy and loving relationship. 

To be able to attract a person with your mind, you need to understand one crucial thing, which is the Law of Attraction. 

The Law of Attraction exists and it is real. It is just like gravity or electricity, you can’t see it but it is there and you can feel it.

Just like gravity, you don’t have to understand how the Law of Attraction works. All you need to do is follow the rules and everything will fall into place. 

You can attract a person with your mind if you follow the right path, without going into the details of how the whole thing works. 

An old saying states, “Like attracts like,” and with that in mind, we will become what we think about all the time. 

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Anyways, research shows that over 90% of things we do on a daily basis is simply habitual. This simply means that almost everything we do each day is born out the thoughts that we have programmed into our mind and we do it without even realizing that we doing them.

Almost everything that we do – the way we walk, the way we eat, the way we bath – all these are habitual and performed by our subconscious mind. And now that you understand this, it is possible to program your mind to attract a person you desire in your life.

The good thing about this besides being simple is that it works. Here is how to attract a person with your mind.

Know who you want to attract 

The first thing is to know who you want to attract. Of course, you already know them, but you need to be specific and detailed about this person you want to attract. This is because if you are vague in details, you will attract vague results. 

The danger of not being specific who you want to attract is that you might end up attracting just anyone, which could end up in fail relations and add more misery in your life. 

The best way to go about this is by writing down the description of the person you want to attract, including their outlook and personality.

Think of this as making an order to the universe. Just like you would make an order of an item online, you need to be specific enough so that you will be delivered with the right item you ordered. And if you are not specific, you risk receiving a wrong order or even nothing at all. 

In the description of the person you want, be sure to avoid adding things you don’t want, because our minds cannot differentiate between the positives and negatives. 

Align your feelings, thoughts, and mind 

Another important step is to start to inject the thoughts and feelings of having that person you want to attract in your life. Start to feel and think about the great things you will be doing with this person.

Visualize how your perfect person looks like, what colors they are wearing…everything about them. 

When visualizing this person, be sure to also include emotions. According to experts, emotions play an important role in bringing what we desire into our life.

Get rid of personal obstacles 

This is perhaps one of the most crucial steps that can make break your wish to attract a person with your mind. Without getting rid of your personal obstacles, you may fail to successfully attract the person you want into your life. 

Eliminate previous thoughts that may hinder the new relationship. If you are still emotionally stuck in your previous relations, it will be hard for you to attract a new person into your life.

The thing about using your mind to attract what you want in life is that your actions must be aligned with your wish. It is easy to contradict your wants with your actions. 

For example, you can’t think about this person coming into your life if the said life is messy and untidy. You need to put your act together, groom nicely when you step out, and make sure your life is perfect for the new person to come in.

Have faith and trust 

You will not be able to attract this person instantly. It will take time. And all this time that will take, you need to believe and have faith that they will eventually come. 

Don’t give up way too soon because the results are not forthcoming. 

Prepare to let go 

After doing your part, you need to relax and wait for things to happen. Remember, by using your mind to attract this person, you have only planted the seed. You need to start caring for that seed and ensure it germinates and grows. But you will have to believe that the seed will germinate and grow into a big tree. 

Don’t rush. Remember you are dealing with the universe, and so if you rush things, you may attract negative results. 

You can use your mind to attract anything you want in life, but to do so, you need to inject the right thoughts into your mind. 


It is easy to attract a person with your mind. But you need to focus on what makes you happy. Things will work out if you follow the rules. Don’t worry about how they will work out, don’t look into the details of how they will work out. Just focus on your life and believe that this person will eventually come into your life.

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