Benefits of social media for music and movie industries

Social media has developed into an integral part of our lives over the past decade or so. Most people are now unable to function without a daily dose of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And you can’t blame them. The advent of smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices has made these and other platforms more accessible than ever. It would be fair to say that they have an everlasting impact on almost every aspect of our lives. And as far as the movies and music industries are concerned, things are no different. 

Pros and cons of using social media in the music and TV industries

The social media influence on art is glaringly apparent, with most musicians and actors using the most popular platforms as a channel to market themselves and their content. Technology and social media have allowed movie and music fans to access all of their desired material with just a few clicks or taps, and the entertainment industry has made full use of that fact. However, things are far from perfect. 

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of using social media in the music and TV industries:


  • More Opportunities to Shine – Social media has undoubtedly allowed us to connect in ways that were never before possible. People can now raise their voices from anywhere in the world, a priceless asset to those looking for opportunities in the entertainment industry. By simply uploading a music video on social media, an artist could rise through the ranks overnight. 
  • Ease of Access – Music streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify have allowed fans to access music with ease. Moreover, artists can also use these platforms to distribute their content online without putting in the extra effort.
  • Marketing Prospects – In the old days, flyers, newspaper adverts, and TV commercials were the way to go. But now, social media platforms have revolutionized marketing, especially in the music industry. Facebook and Instagram provide methods to “boost” your posts to reach millions of people. And on top of that, artists with a prominent social media presence can connect with fans in better ways.


Cyber-crimes have become increasingly common over the past few years. While the use of a streaming service does make life a lot easier, there are ways for it to be used illegally to distribute content. Music artists need to remain vigilant of such activities.

Importance of using social media presence to boost your talent

The pros of social media for music and TV outweigh the cons by a fair margin. And as an artist, it is your responsibility to use social media in the best way possible. With such a powerful tool at your disposal, the odds of you establishing a successful career are higher than you might think!

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