An Honest Zero Trace Pen Review

White cyber attacks and phishing attempts on a rise, surfing the web anonymously has become a necessity. Anonymous surfing ensures that your identity is hidden from your ISP (internet service provider), advertisers and even the search engines (they would not be able to trace you back). Many internet surfers use a VPN service to hide their identity, while this might help to some extent, it also has many flaws and loopholes. This is where tools like Zero Trace Pen come in

Zero Trace Pen, An Honest Review

Zero trace pen is actually a portable tool that allows you to surf the dark web while keeping your identity private/ hidden. When it comes to completely masking your identity, the Zero Trace Pen equips you with several tools to easily do so.

For it to work, you simply have to insert it into the USB port of your computer. After this, you can surf the dark web while being completely anonymous.

Three Layers Of Security

The Zero Trace Pen actually works by providing you with 3 layers of strong encryption/ security. This basically blocks anyone other than you to keep track of your internet activities. As soon as you unplug the device, no one can ever trace you back to your device.

Many customers and daily users of the Zero Trace Pen report its benefits. The amazing product is further complemented by the best customer support the manufacturer provides.

Literally “No Trace”

The pen does not only make you anonymous on the internet, but also automatically deletes all of your activity record on your device. So, most of the Zero Trace Pen Review strongly recommend the product.

No Threat Of Viruses

The level of security the device provides you when surfing is really amazing. No malware or virus can get on your computer, as the Zero Trace Pen does not use any of your computer’s space. It even has it’s own OS, and a toolbox which allows you to open fishy files in a secure window.

Multilingual Support

Any files you store on the Zero Trace Pen are encrypted and fully secured. You can use the device in a variety of different languages. Even if you do not know anything about the Zero trace pen, there are lots of official how-to videos available which you can use to learn more about this useful device.

Why Anonymous Internet Surfing Is Important?

Whenever we surf the internet, various government agencies, our ISP, search engines and advertisers keep an eye on our searches to use the collected data for various fishy things. That is why making yourself completely anonymous when surfing the internet, and especially the dark web.

Here are some benefits of anonymous internet surfing.

  • You have every right to protect your privacy.
  • You can avoid government agencies from tracking you.
  • It protects you from cyber bullies.
  • Provides protection against targeted advertisements.
  • Allows you to access the content blocked/ restricted in your country/ region.

Allows you to express yourself on social media without the fear of being tracked.

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