TRACK BY TRACK: Danny Beardsley’s Blood From A Stone

DANNY BEARDSLEY ( ) will reveal an acoustic reworking of his debut album, Blood From A Stone on 17th July. With this in mind, we asked Danny for a track by track breakdown of the songs on the album:


The theme of this song is inspired by people not pulling their weight and letting others down. A mid paced rock track featuring arpeggiated clean verses leading into a warm and catchy chorus. Gently eases into an ambient sounding middle section, then back into a riff based lead line.


It’s about working together, being there for our loved ones and supporting each other through the good times and the bad. This track is now built around the original stripped back chord progression, incorporating the snare beat into the strumming pattern with a bluesy sounding vocal line. Anthem like melody and a laid back groove. Country style lead lines and a shimmery bridge lead into a 80s inspired guitar lead line. The track is wrapped up with a crescendo of choruses.


I have a tendency to become rather obsessed when my mind is focused on something. This song is about me tackling that trait and learning to slow down. Blues chorus and riff leading into a syncopated verse and moody vocal lines. The middle section has returned to its original structure with staggered guitar layers. The track wraps up with a double serving of the chorus and a power chord ring out.


Self doubt is something I’ve been tackling for years. I realise that I’ve been going round in circles chasing perfection with everything I do and become frustrated in the process. That on top of the fact I don’t usually feel comfortable expressing emotion with words, this song has been a therapeutic way of admitting I’m hard work at times….like getting blood from a stone. Plenty of melody and power polished off with a soaring cheesy guitar line.


Starting out with a simple country rock repetitive riff, this eases into the main verse. Vocal melodies are simple yet catchy held together with ample groove from the steady strumming patterns. Choruses are simple yet catchy. This song is about how the heart speaks and all we need to do is listen. Being there for our family and friends though it all. 


This song touches on why it’s important to talk to others about mental health issues. Figuring out who you are and where you’re heading is tough at times, but the power of change comes from within. The syncopated main riff is now stripped back incorporating the chord changes within the melody. This track always projected an ambient, almost oriental sounding verse. Rediscovering the original song with just the acoustic guitar was a very rewarding experience.


This song is about hitting rock bottom and having nothing left to give. Searching for answers and needing help from others. An acoustic based track with emotional vocal lines travels through a duet of verses and choruses. A Lydian based groove and an improvised melodic lead line.


I wrote this song for my wife. I’m sure anyone in love can relate to this song though. It’s about meeting that special someone who you simply cannot do enough for, sharing a life together and being happy. This track was the easiest to reimagine because the chord voicings and open droning strings translated effortlessly into an unplugged track. The main focus when writing this track was to achieve memorable and catchy singalong vocal lines.


Obviously inspired by the wise words of Shakespeare, it’s about being taken advantage of yet being fully aware you are no fool. The fear of the unknown overrides being used as a doormat. Acoustic guitars open the track and ease into a vocal driven verse. The chorus throws every ounce of power at the mix, embellished with call and response vocal lines. The middle section is held together with a surprisingly spacious groove and followed by a variation of the full fat version. 


This song is about anxious thoughts and feelings. The way they tear you down and spin out of control when you give them enough focus. Feeling lost and alone, haunted by intrusive thoughts masking who you are and therefore creating a stranger in your own mind. A dark sounding, stripped back track heavily focusing on vocal melody.”

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