Top 10 Police Collectibles to Honor Heroes in Blue

Police officers put their lives in danger to protect citizens and local communities. They deserve our continued support for their bravery and dedication to ensuring public safety. If you are looking for ways to show your unconditional support to the law enforcement officers, there are various ways to do so. For example, you can send a “Thank You” note to the police offers, you can donate money to support law enforcement agencies, and you can give police collectibles to your law enforcement friend or loved one. Many former police officers, their families, and supporters love collecting police memorabilia. There are various types of police collectibles which are popular among the police officers and police memorabilia hobbyists. If you are looking to start a collection for yourself, here is the list of top ten law enforcement collectibles that you can use to honor the police force.

1: Police Challenge Coins

The tradition of giving and receiving police challenge coins is old and highly regarded among the law enforcement agencies. The culture is adopted from the military, where the soldiers are given military challenge coins to confirm their membership in a particular unit or to commemorate their services. In law enforcement, families have the tradition to pass down the challenge coins from one generation to the next. Several types of police coins are available out there used by the official police departments and coin collectors. These challenge coins vary from one to another based upon the manufacturing process, metals, and other specifications, such as metal, color, finish, and size. Thin Blue Line police challenge coins are the most sought-after coins since these coins symbolize the line that police draw to protect the peaceful society from falling to violent chaos.

2: Police Support Stickers

Another most popular police collectibles are police stickers, which include reflective vehicle stickers, support stickers, stickers for laptops, water bottles, helmets, and so on. These support stickers send a powerful message that you support the men and women in blue. These stickers are also good to encourage other people to show their support to the heroes in blue. 

3: Police Badges

They are also popular among police officers, their supporters, and collectors. Badges were worn by knights to show their identity, honor, and rank. In the mid-19th century, police badges used to be raw creations, made out of the tin into different shapes of stars by the wearers. Later, law enforcement agencies hired blacksmiths to make up to six-pointed-star police badges for the local constabulary. Police badges are a way to remind police officers of their pledge to protect the communities. Today’s police badges are popular collectibles.

4: Customized Police Support Apparel

Custom apparel such as t-shirts, hats, hoodies, sweatshirts, and many others are hugely popular among police supporters. These apparels are an excellent option to make a personal statement about why you support the police force. You can customize different apparel options with a favorite law enforcement quote, fun quote, a prayer for the police force, or any other message that you want. Custom apparel also makes a unique gift idea for a law enforcement officer.

 5: Police Patches

These are very popular among former police officers, their families, and supporters. They are embroidered and can take the shape of any object, such as a police vehicle, arrowheads, or states. The reason why these are more popular is that they are cheaper than other collectibles.

6: Handcuffs

Handcuffs have always been in high demand by the police memorabilia hobbyists. They have been around since the times of ancient Greeks. The Greeks used iron shackles to bind the hands of their slaves. By the 19th century, the lockable handcuffs with the screw key became popular in England. In 1862, W. V. Adams designed the rachet handcuffs that gained massive popularity because of the unique design. Some big manufacturers adopted Adam’s handcuff design in the United States, such as Bean, Smith Wesson, and others. These manufacturers introduced their variations to Adams’ handcuff original design and supplied the modifications to the U.S. police force that used these handcuffs until the middle of the 20th century. Handcuffs are a popular police collectible among the former police officers.

7: Police Wall Stickers

If you are into collecting police memorabilia, police wall stickers will be a perfect addition to your memorabilia collection. The wall decals come in different sizes, materials, and with different messages. The most common police wall stickers include the police badge, police vehicles, and distinctive unit insignia.

8: Police Whistles

These whistles also make a perfect addition to police memorabilia collection. There are many different types of whistles, but the ones made by an Englishman, Joseph Hudson in the Victorian Era, are the most popular. Collectors are always hunting for the vintage Hudson’ Acme Whistles.

9: Customized Police Collectibles

Police collectible hobbyists love customized memorabilia since they can personalize it according to their personal preferences. The collectibles can be customized with different colors, favorite law enforcement quotes, police badge numbers, unit insignia, department name, and so forth. If you want to make your law enforcement family member or friend feel special, customized police collectibles are the perfect option. Police collectibles that can be customized include stickers, wristbands, challenge coins, headbands, hats, apparel, and others.

10: Baton, Truncheons, Billy Clubs & More

The last on this list, but not the least, is batons, Billy clubs, and truncheons. These collectibles are must-have items for any police memorabilia collection. Most of these are wooden sticks and available in different designs and sizes. These can be customized by engraving the badge number, police department name, or police officer’s name. They are decorated with tassels and carved decorations.

In short, these were the top 10 most collected and in-demand police collectibles. If you are hunting for something unique for your police friend or loved one, these collectibles are a perfect option to make him, or her feel special. These collectibles will also add beauty to the elegance of your police memorabilia collection.

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