Nutrition During Quarantine

It’s hard, isn’t it? Trying to balance when to eat and what foods to eat. And this quarantine is making nutrition choices much harder to consider. Think about it, now that you spend more time at home, how much easier is it to reach into your fridge for an unplanned snack at any time of the day?

How many hours have you spent binge-watching your favorite shows and eating yourself silly in the process? Following a diet has not been easy. With these tips, compiled with the help of the experts of 365dicas, you can gain a healthier lifestyle amid the pandemic.

1.      Practice Mindful Grocery Shopping

Everything you eat starts with your shopping choices. So be strategic about the foods that you buy. You can start by creating a list of the things you need for your home. Then ensure you stick to the list. If you have to buy junk food, make sure it is only limited to the necessary amount.

Besides, there are healthier ways you can incorporate to cater to cravings. For instance, make healthy snacks like roasted nuts. Also, consider mixing healthy and unhealthy snacks to balance the nutrition and cravings in one serving. This tact will prevent you and your family from overeating.

2.      Whole Foods

These are foods that are minimally or not processed at all. They include vegetables, raw fruits, Natural fats found in foods like avocado, and some complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes. On the other hand, processed foods are foods like junk food, canned foods, and foods with added sugars like juice and cakes.

Whole foods are healthier to processed foods because they contain natural nutrients for the body. They are also quickly processed and absorbed by the body. Therefore, whole foods will lower the risk of getting health conditions like cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, while processed foods enhance the risk of compromising your health.

3.      Cook Your Food

With the risk of contracting the coronavirus, many people are afraid of eating delivered food. The solution is to buy groceries and cook the food in your home. This will not only give you peace of mind, but home-cooked meals have several health benefits as well.

For instance, you can sanitize your food while you prepare your meals. Cold baking soda bath is excellent for sanitizing raw vegetables. In the process, the bath also removes any pesticides or harmful substances in the veggies. Leave them in the bath for 12 to 15 minutes.

Cooking your food also allows you to be pickier about the nutrients and supplements you want for your health. You can reduce your calorie, added sugars, sodium, and saturated fat intake. Instead, you can lean on produce to boost your health.

4.      Carbohydrate Alternatives

It’s no secret that carbohydrates are significant contributors to weight gain and obesity. Their effects are even worse now that many people in quarantine engage in less physical activity. Your carb consumption should always correlate to the amount, frequency, and intensity of your physical exercise in a day.

Therefore, one of the ways in which you can improve your nutrition while in quarantine is to find alternatives to your usual carbohydrate choices. For example, if you typically eat white rice, substitute it with black or brown rice. Also, always eat your carbohydrates before and after workouts. If you cannot afford alternatives, observe your carb portion.


Boosting your health through nutrition requires mindfulness and dedication. Nevertheless, it is not an impossible task. All you need to do is balance the foods that you eat. Remember to remain aware of your eating schedule. Don’t skip breakfast and eat your diner early to regulate your blood sugar levels and reduce fat storage. Add supplements like vitamin C to improve your immunity: but only when necessary.

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