How to Choose the Best Car Travel Kettle

It can be tricky to boil water to make tea or coffee when you don’t have a car travel kettle when you’re traveling. These kettles are compact and affordable, so you can buy and use one when on the road. The best travel kettle should be easy to use and not take too long to boil water. While most of these kettles are designed to work below 12 volts, they also have different capabilities.

Likewise, they have a variety of features and factors that you need to consider before buying them, such as heating temperature, capacity, design, and safety. So this article will show you some of their benefits and how you can choose the best car travel kettle.

The benefits of car travel kettles

Car travel kettles have different shapes and sizes. You need to have one in case you want hot water while driving. To help you understand why you should consider buying a car travel kettle, below are some of its benefits:

  • You can use them to boil water when driving​.Car travel kettles come in handy ifyou want to drink hot tea or coffee while driving. You can also use it to make hot milk for your baby without any need of taking with you a camp stove.
  • Road truck drivers can use it to make hot tea. For long drives, a cup of boilingwater can help you manage driving long distances. Hence, car travel kettle can make a difference in your health, especially when you have to drive long distances.
  • Car travel kettles have a big capacity. These kettles are known to have a biggercapacity than most of the small hot water bottles. This gives you convenience when you’re on a long road trip.
  • They are available for any type of car. Whether it’s a car or truck, you can find acar travel kettle that meets your needs. This means you can rest assured that you can have hot drinks while driving.
  • They feature auto self-safety protection. The kettles are designed to power offautomatically once the heating water comes to a boil. This helps you to keep your focus on driving.

How you can choose the best travel kettle

If you intend to drive with a car travel kettle, you may desire to have one that is small and lightweight. This is because such kettles can fit in your luggage. But if you’re traveling with your family, a full-sized kettle can be a good option. Below are some of the other factors you need to consider before choosing a travel kettle:

Weight and capacity

The ideal travel kettle usually weighs about 0.5kg but the full-sized ones can weigh up to 1.6kg. While the lighter kettle is better, the only problem is that they can have a small capacity.

Keep in mind that car travel kettles can generally boil about 1 liter of water, and in most cases, just half a liter. Therefore, you should always determine the number of people it can serve while traveling.

The good news is that you can still find full-sized travel kettles that can be as light as those weighing 0.5kg. These kettles have a huge capacity and because of their bigger capacity, they appear larger than most of the other car travel kettles.

If you need to use a car travel kettle, it’s worth checking that the type you’re buying has dual voltage. You see, most car travel kettles have this feature, but you may find others that don’t have, especially those that are lightweight or compact. ​Read this review to find the best car travel kettle suitable for you.

The bottom line is to find a kettle that has a volume that suits you. So you can go for large travel kettles that can take up to 450ml or others that can hold just 280ml. However, the larger the capacity, the more the convenience but this shouldn’t mean that you can’t use a smaller kettle if it suits you.

The boiling speed

Many users agree that most car travel kettles can sometimes take time to boil. It can be overwhelming to wait around for your travel kettle to boil, especially when you have to boil milk for your baby or you have some sightseeing to do. This is the reason why you should always choose a travel kettle that doesn’t take long to boil.

That said, if you desire to have a cup of coffee or tea late at night or early in the morning when your family is fast asleep, you need to have a quiet travel kettle. Most travel kettles are loud but others are quiet. Therefore, you should always choose the travel kettles that are not only better but also quiet.


This is another important feature that you should be on the lookout for. The best car travel kettle should be the one that you can use for several years. Most of the durable travel kettles have stainless steel material.

The kettles manufactured with stainless steel usually last for a couple of years and stay free from rust. Aside from this, look out for the handle, which has to be ergonomic and safe for you to carry it. You should also consider the cost, warranty, safety, and color of the car travel kettle.

This also applies to the jump starter that you intend to buy in case your car battery goes dead.

Hence you should consider having with you the NocoGB70​when traveling.

Temperature control

A car travel kettle has to offer great design and technology to regulate the temperature. The kettles that have temperature control of between 10 and 90 degrees are the best option. Also, a

suitable travel kettle should have an ​LCD ​so that you can easily read the temperature and for easy use.

Additional features

As explained earlier, most car travel kettles have dual voltage, enabling them to be adaptable in most areas you can be traveling to. Others even come with spoons, cups, a coffee or tea container, and a travel bag.

While many of these kettles have basic features and don’t even have a water gauge, you should always go for the ones with extra features. These extra features, such as a water gauge can be useful because you can see how much water you need to boil or refill.

In case you want to use a travel kettle in a camper van or caravan and would be in an area with hard water, you should choose a kettle that has a limescale filter. A few car travel kettles have a limescale filter that helps you to keep out a bitty scale from your drink.

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Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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